Thursday, January 29, 2009

Scholastic Fantastic Awards

In the shadow of Miami-Dade Downtown is the preeminent taxpayer funded MAM.
Most of their shows are rather starchy, garnering little public interest from mass culture.
But once a year the museum is flooded with new and truly emerging talent... and proud parents.

What i see without my glasses.

Currently on view in a 'salon style hanging' is an exhibition of selected works sifted from the avalanche of artworks submitted by local students from public, private and parochial schools. All kids, ages 7-12, are encouraged to submit their work... many of the participants featured are from the handful of public magnet schools.

Super-bowl of Recognition.

The Scholastic Art Awards are the largest and longest-running assessment and recognition programs for the visual arts in the U.S.A. founded in 1923 by the nations leading publisher of children's books and educational materials. Today the awards are administered by the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers, a non-profit. National recognition means scholarships for college.

Hail to the chief... and all the art soldiers.

Officiating the award ceremony was the museum director, Terry Riley rolling up his sleeves, and other dedicated members of the arts community.

Performing any art requires courage, critical thinking, and discipline.
Studying the arts fine-tunes our senses, develops discriminating judgment, and enriches our lives.
The arts assist us to know and respond to others; they nurture our intuition;they stretch our outlook; and they feed our souls and our spirit.
The arts strengthen our productivity and our sense of crafmanship.
They are "the signature of civilization"

Shelter from the Swelter

The list of winners was long and the sun was high in the swamp sky. Most attendees huddled in the shade of the inadequate building. Inadequate because the New Fantabulous Miami Art Museum is currently on paper only.

Strike a Pose, nothin' to it.

Norland Middle Art Teacher stumbles onto stage loaded with new talent.
Conspicuously by their absence were the local art gallery dealer predators eager to scout out next seasons crop of "emergers".

This delightful DASH denim sculpture alone is worth a visit.


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