Sunday, June 24, 2012

305 Fails

New Restaurant in North Miami with Castle Front and Lousy Everything.

Painting Stripes on Alton Road Clogging Traffic at Monday Morning Rush Hour ...

People Unfriendly Capital Improvement Projects that Never End.

The Dream Lifter a Whale of an Aircraft sits Conspicuous by the Road on the approach to MIA.

Another Concrete Anchorage Signals More Visual Pollution On I-95.

Gotta Love This in the Age of Signage.

Not Exactly BlueChip Street Art Near MidTown.

Another Cement Truck Lumbers by Traffic Congestion near MidTown.

Just Ma Job Mang.  Spraying Poison on the Cobblestones of MidTown.

Over Designed District Open Space Fabulous and Idle.

A Message from Dade County All Trees Must Die Department.

From the Guys that Saved My Ass,  Another Ugly Giant Billboard.

More Stupid Street Bumps, Humps, Curbs for the Public Good.

Luxury Cars and Happy Faces Plastered on a Metro Bus, a Calloused Insult for People Who Must Wait for the Next Bus.

Shame About That Graffiti Thing.

Metal Scrappers Wait Their Turn at the Weigh Station near Little Haiti.

Quick, Stop by for Universal Culture!

Glad to be a Counter Cyclical Driver.

Luxury Mc-Mansion Sits Unfinished 6 years and Counting.

People First, Unless you're in a Hurry.

Seriously Stupid...

... and Proud of It.

Boys and Their Toys, LFO's Trap Speeders and Whomever They Want Around the Corner Near You.

Another Petty Bureaucrat with a Nice Car.

No Mans Land, Zombie Central at McArthur Causeway.

An Elevated Road Under Construction Over the River of Grass... 


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Banksy on 41 Street

``And since this was all they knew-- / all this much-- /they assumed they knew it all.''

Gerald Costanzo 

For some long forgotten reason, 41 Street on Miami Beach is also named Arthur Godfrey Boulevard.

Some may recall ol'Red as the iconic character emulated by many a wanna-be well- heeled gad-fly loud-mouthes that liked to wet their whistles in the swamp.

No joke, Arthur Godfrey the hugely successful cigarette salesman and ukulele player was aslo a veteran aviator.  Flying high on a family fortune of free thinkers, Godfrey was not without controversy. Some say he was unforgiving with artists and female companions. I say he must have squirreled away bundles of greenback in his mattress on Miami Beach.  Perhaps this is why there are so many banks on 41 Street. 

Pine Tree Drive and 41 street anchored by the old templesque Jefferson Savings currently the artzy HSBC.

Citibank stands like the house of saud opposite a shitty donut shop on Sheridan. 

Banco de Americano open 24 horas Ay-Ti-Em.

another bank

another bank

another bank

another bank

another bank

another bank

and wait for it...  another money grubbing Bank opening soon.  

Why are branches multiplying like mulatos while so many others are struggling to stay business? Banksters know there is an invisible brave new world running on automation rooted in profit, based on transaction and credit that will do away with every copper penny and all paper money in an epic ongoing grab for total control of commodities, markets, financial institutions worldwide and most of all your wallet.

To be fair, still open for business on 41 street is classic Ma n Pa style Central Hardware which is awesome for contractors and housewives alike.

"Well, here we are in Miami Bitch. Hehheh."


Monday, June 11, 2012

This Place

The swamp is a place where building are adorned with styrofoam molding that birds love to peck at.

But it is also a place that beats to a different drummer, afro-cuban that is.

The swamp is a place that blisters in the blasting heat of mid-day in mid-town.

But it is also a place of huckleberry joys for adventuring boys.

The swamp is a place where foreclosures are as common as formica swindlers.

But it is also a place with miles of smiles and plenty of cool drinks by the pool.

The swamp is not just for zombie cannibals and crashing into buildings.

It is also a place where the music and its people are always ready to roller skate the rumba.

The swamp is a place oblivious to fact.

But it is also a place where comfort is available take-home by the truck-load.

The swamp is most certainly a place for observing the bizzarre.

But it is also a place where one can have fun with lizards.

 The swamp is a place where you can ride off into the sunset.

And it is a place where folk melt into the joy of everyday life.

It is a place where one can find fruit and veggies for a fraction of the price at Publix.

And little girls can dream of being mermaids.

The swamp is a place where we can still find a desolate pristine beach to idle away the hours.