Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Inestimable Salaams from Kenya

The Tourist Bureau of the little nation of Kenya on the great African continent
it scrambling to prepare for the anticipated surge of travelers curious to see, hear, smell, taste and photograph the land and people of US president elect Mr. Barak Obama's half-heritage.

In expectation of a surge of travelers — perhaps including some of the thousands who read “Dreams From My Father,” Mr. Obama’s 1995 memoir, in which Kogelo plays an important role — several outfitters are devising itineraries around the village.

In preparation for your travels do read Obama's "dreams of my father". and while you're at it read all his books to understand the mind of another great american poised to put humpty-dumpty back together again.

Obama Sr. certainly knew of Baroness Karen Blixen and her passion for the dark continent.

Merrill Streep as Karen Blixen in Robert Redford's Out of Africa.

Peter could (probably did) charm the panties off Lady Di.

Here is where it all gets wild
. To get the full flavor of Kenya look no further than the life and work of Peter Beard. My dear pal is the inimitable, a true originator of raw passion with talent to spare. His life reads like no other, see for yourself.

Obama's heritage will go a long way to lure tourist to Kenya....
But if you still need some persuading, Peter's posters may be the hook.

Also visit Jumel Terrace Books for one-stop references.


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