Monday, January 12, 2009

Park Your Karma Elsewhere

Thieves Abscond with Symbols of Three Abrahamic Faiths.

Miami Design District
January 9, 2009

Local neighborhood security american police have confirmed that a styrofoam sculpture was stolen Saturday night shortly after 2:00 am during Gallery Walk night. The monumental artwork was situated on private property opposite artist studios and on display for public viewing . The artwork is comprised of architectural models depicting three houses of worship; a Christian Cathedral, a Judaic Temple and an Islamic Mosque. The artist/sculptor said he was well aware of the risk of damage or theft in placing his work in an empty lot overnight but was more interested to see how the public would react to such vulnerability. Not surprisingly there were many positive comments that night by art enthusiasts that used the now empty site of Design Miami to park their cars to avoid tickets.

Someone said, "This is probably not a Hate Crime, it is an Asinine Love of Art Crime".

Strangely enough the pagan bandits inexplicably neglected to take the centerpiece of the sculpture.

The Irrefutable Kernel of Truth.

The Artists League of Greater Miami has offered an Award for anyone with information leading to an arrest of the perpetrators. Please leave anonymous tip in comments.


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