Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Smile, Obama Loves You!

Yup, that's Me.

Yes, Let's Spend the Same Amount that was Spent on the 2004 Presidential Inauguration, that's 160 Million U.S. Dollars... and give the countless Security Folks a Free Obama Sandwich and all the O'Douls they can Guzzle.

I'm so Happy, I even love Kittens on this O'Happiest of Days.

I think i Speak for the Rest of the Civilized World when I say, "Smile Brother".

Show Your Chompers... Eat, Drink and Be Mendacious.
Today is the Day for Every American from Key West to Alaska to Have a Nice Day.

Even Donkeys' Got to Shout, HeeeeeeeeeeeHawwwwwwwDarnTootin!


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