Friday, January 9, 2009

Grandfathered IN

For whom the Bell Tolls? the bell tolls for WE.

If you've had enough of luxury bargain mall shopping but still looking for that something something, then take a trip to Stoneage Antiques located just east of the airport on the banks of the Miami River in the shadow of the Miami Intermodal Center currently under construction.

Caveperson Heaven

Stoneage is a wondrous cavernous treasure trove of salvageable goodies. It is truly awesome even if you don't buy a thing. The men that man the place are as interesting as the guys at Jimbo's Fishing Village- an endangered species in a town on the brink of bland modernity.

Flanigans Famous Fishing for Finds

Not surprising, the place is a labyrinth of shanty big enough to house an impressive collection of not only Nautical booty but many other well appointed departments for the intrepid shopper. I don't know how but everything is dust free and the aroma time and treasure is intoxicating.

Romance with Erosion

I never get tired of taking unsuspecting pickers and lovers of stuff to this tarnished gem right here in the heart of the swamp. The response is always the same- an eye opening WOW.

Pictures by the Pound

My pal Fred 62, style-setter extraordinaire, brought clients to buy decor for another new LA hip restaurant, dropping 25 gees on a boatload of nautical relics for west coast yuppies to dine on. But sales alone will not save the Stoneage from extinction.

The Peter Beard Department of Paradise Lost.

Stoneage Antiques may very well go up in smoke one day as the landscape of the swamp is drained and dried of anything interesting and historically significant. Then you will need a time machine to get there. Good luck getting there now, as a result of FDOT bridge closures, there is only one illusive route.

Sponge Bob's Uncle.
Where else can you find that which is old that is new to you.



  1. I look forward to checking it out.
    What a miami gem.

  2. I've spent a lot of time in there over the years; I dress sets for theatre, and Gary's wife loves musicals. So I get him tickets, he lets me borrow stuff.

    Now I have someplace to send people to see just how stuffed Stoneage really is. Thanks!