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Saturday, February 13, 2010

80's Veterans


Not Your Average Tea Party
Long-time pal Robert Carrithers has tons of old photos from the East Village NYC.

Basquait Before the Blitzkrieg.
Notice SAMO is at the copy shop, color xeroxes were the new thing.

Basking in the Barn.
Ann Magnuson performing her Country Western Spoof Night at Club 57.

Wild in the City
Wendy Wild doing here Alice in Wonderland mushroom queen at an undisclosed basement.

Mystery of the Scene Makers
Joey Arias chanteuse for all time channeling who know who?

All this nostalgia has little to do with the swamp but suffice to say, I hope young people today are having as good a time as we east village 80's art veterans had back then. Somehow i doubt it.

Anyways, tons of great old and some new photos from Bob Carrithers if you feel the 80's.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beam Me Down

Who is hotter and more out of this world than my very own down to earth Ann Magnuson?

Perfectly Puritanical Granola Entertainment. When we met, she was an out of work waitress doing television.

Wait a second that's somebody's daughter... Raven at the Pyramid Club East Village photo Tseng Kwong Chi 1985.

She ain't no bore... she's the Girl Next Door!

If you marry, find a gal that walks fast, has good teeth and digs art.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

opus Magnuson

She'll be coming round the mountain when she comes. She'll be driving six white horses when she comes. Oh, we'll all go out to meet her when she comes. She'll be wearing red pajamas when she comes. She will have to sleep with grandma when she comes.

You want to know who I think is funnier than Lilly Tomlin or Wanda Sites, who is more ravaging than Shirley McLaine or Nichole Kidman, more literate than Doris Lessing or wikipedia and can lay down the beats better than Mia or Lesley Hall....?

Well it is no other than my dear friend, Ann (they broke the mold) Magnuson.

Ann, a wellspring of originality, has been unleashing her unique brand of performance art on raucous crowds since high-school. If I told you also that she is a glittering red-carpet star from hollywood to bolliwood, that she is a syndicated investigable journalist with huge circulations, I would be kidding you not.

If I told you that off stage she is just like you and me, I'd be lying. ann magnuson is our modern day shaman(uhh, shalady).

Drink the bong-water or pass, but do listen to he luv show.