Thursday, January 29, 2009

Scholastic Fantastic Awards

In the shadow of Miami-Dade Downtown is the preeminent taxpayer funded MAM.
Most of their shows are rather starchy, garnering little public interest from mass culture.
But once a year the museum is flooded with new and truly emerging talent... and proud parents.

What i see without my glasses.

Currently on view in a 'salon style hanging' is an exhibition of selected works sifted from the avalanche of artworks submitted by local students from public, private and parochial schools. All kids, ages 7-12, are encouraged to submit their work... many of the participants featured are from the handful of public magnet schools.

Super-bowl of Recognition.

The Scholastic Art Awards are the largest and longest-running assessment and recognition programs for the visual arts in the U.S.A. founded in 1923 by the nations leading publisher of children's books and educational materials. Today the awards are administered by the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers, a non-profit. National recognition means scholarships for college.

Hail to the chief... and all the art soldiers.

Officiating the award ceremony was the museum director, Terry Riley rolling up his sleeves, and other dedicated members of the arts community.

Performing any art requires courage, critical thinking, and discipline.
Studying the arts fine-tunes our senses, develops discriminating judgment, and enriches our lives.
The arts assist us to know and respond to others; they nurture our intuition;they stretch our outlook; and they feed our souls and our spirit.
The arts strengthen our productivity and our sense of crafmanship.
They are "the signature of civilization"

Shelter from the Swelter

The list of winners was long and the sun was high in the swamp sky. Most attendees huddled in the shade of the inadequate building. Inadequate because the New Fantabulous Miami Art Museum is currently on paper only.

Strike a Pose, nothin' to it.

Norland Middle Art Teacher stumbles onto stage loaded with new talent.
Conspicuously by their absence were the local art gallery dealer predators eager to scout out next seasons crop of "emergers".

This delightful DASH denim sculpture alone is worth a visit.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sho-Nuff Hi-Def Web-Estate

Fifty years ago the great Canadian Communications Theorist Marshall McLuhan had the insight to express his cautionary thoughts on the effect of television on people:

According to McLuhan, modern communication technologies such as radio and television globalize communication by allowing users from all levels of society around the world to easily connect with each other and exchange ideas instantaneously.

What would McLuhan say today about the condition of the Forth Estate? It would not be a stretch that he would be pleased at the precision of his predictions but astounded and dismayed at the consolidation of power in the hands of a few media moguls empires.

"... He describes the light bulb as a medium without any content. Likewise, the message of a newscast about a heinous crime may be less about the individual news story itself — the content — and more about the change in public attitude towards crime that the newscast engenders by the fact that such crimes are in effect being brought into the home to watch over dinner."

Due to the enhanced speed of communication online and the ability of people to read about, spread, and react to global news very rapidly, McLuhan says this forces us to become more involved with one another from countries around the world and be more aware of our global responsibilities.

Medium is the Size of the Message in The Global Village.

Information Islands on the Final Frontier of the Blue Planet.

There is some disagreement in the consideration of the Internet as promoting the idea of a global village. Modern theorist Glenn Willmott says McLuhan's idea of the global village is a clichéd phrase that does not take into account the corruption of the Internet by government and corporate censorship and control over information on the web (news and entertainment information in particular).



Oil, Crude Black Gold, How did we Get so Hooked on you?

You don't have to like someone to do good business... and you certainly don't have to suck face with them. But since there simply is not enough crude in Texas, California, Alaska or Gulf of Mexico to satisfy the thirst, we Cozy-up with those who would eat us for breakfast.

Chemistry 101- Plastics to the Rescue. Petroleum is not just for making our cars and trucks GO, it is used in practically everything we do and use. Number 2 is Methane Gas. We are so proud to be dependent on these two resources that it will take a long time and a myriad of CHANGE before we ever HOPE to be free.

Holding Lots at the Port of Long Beach CA.
All over the world Car Makers keep cranking out millions of new cars...
but they are not selling as quick as expected.

Here is a simple message for ya'll:

OPEC Dollars Beyond Their Royalist Dreams,
Courtesy of Allah and USA.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Way New Forward

Reflective Moments in Spades of Shades.

The Mastery of Portraiture is Self-Evident when We Look Back on Our Accomplishments.
Serious Introspection Gives Rise to Revolutionary Thought. But it is the World Beyond Our Selves that Determines Change. What Collective Portrait Will Guide Our New Direction as a Nation?

It's All About Oil... on Canvas.

The Lone Dissenting Voice or Vision is Tantamount to the Possibilities of Reason.
From Chaos Comes Order, and the Cycle Begins Again.

Kool is the New School.

With the Petition for a New Arts Czar Circulating About Comes Glee and Reservations.
This Masterful Painting Hangs in The National Portrait Gallery DC.

This Simple Paper Puzzle Will Bend the Boundaries of Your Optic Nerve.
So much is Illusion... 'cept when Reality Bites.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Holy Toledo First Lady

Fashion News Flash!
Michele Obama is Wearing Isabel Toledo.

Official Obama Fashion Cabinet Live Blogging the Parade of Dignitaries and Functionaries.

Isabel y Ruben Toledo are the Unshakably Cool and Caliente Eternal Style-Masters.

The Great Lesson of Fashion is Timing. Timing is Everything. People Are Listening.

Dear Cuban-American Friends, Together Till the Break of Dawn in the Tropics.
First Lady's First Signing Statement:
National ToledoStyle Day.


Smile, Obama Loves You!

Yup, that's Me.

Yes, Let's Spend the Same Amount that was Spent on the 2004 Presidential Inauguration, that's 160 Million U.S. Dollars... and give the countless Security Folks a Free Obama Sandwich and all the O'Douls they can Guzzle.

I'm so Happy, I even love Kittens on this O'Happiest of Days.

I think i Speak for the Rest of the Civilized World when I say, "Smile Brother".

Show Your Chompers... Eat, Drink and Be Mendacious.
Today is the Day for Every American from Key West to Alaska to Have a Nice Day.

Even Donkeys' Got to Shout, HeeeeeeeeeeeHawwwwwwwDarnTootin!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Horror and Intergrity

To commemorate the Remembrance of MLK on the Eve of this Historic Inauguration Festivities, I make three Blogger Pledges.

1. I will not publish any more pictures of or words on George W. Bushed (good riddance).
2. I Will restore honor and integrity to Swampstyle (as if it ever had any).
3. I will pray like hell for the well-being of our New and Improved First Family.

Reluctant Ronald Signs National MLK Day Proclamation 1983.

UN "Peacekeepers" quell unrest is Haiti 2008

Non-Lethal Media Driven Militarized Taser Nation

Honor and Integrity can not be Assassinated, they can only be booked.

Photo Opportunist "King Jr." Subliminal Subversive Transparent.

Smirk, you're on Rancid Camera.

Gold plated W. All the Pomp and Circumcisions we can Stomach.

Readin' the portraits on the Wall, Dubya rolls up his sleeves for his final decent.
See ya in Dubai.

Black or White... Never Trust a Fear-Mongering Flatterer bearing Empty Platitudes.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Latino Luminary RIP

Rest In Peace

Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalbán Merino

(November 25, 1920 – January 14, 2009)
One More Luminary Latino Joins the Great Pantheon of Champions.

Suave and Sophisticated, Montalban worked his Latin Charm on American Culture at a Time when being Brown was Practically Mud.

Man of Mucho Talents, Forever Imitated, Never Duplicated.

My little guitar - birthday card 2001

Ladies Man Extraordinaire Macho Lover

No Little Blue Pill Needed.
Even into his Silver Years, The Latin Lover glowed with Virile Confidence.

It was no small feat to make it big in Old Hollywood while Being heavily Hispanic
When You are Good, It Looks Easy.

And Now We Say Adios to a Great Hispanic Hombre.

May Your Heaven Be a Thousand Times More Suave than Corinthian Leather.

Muchas Gracias for you Sly Magnetic Smiles and Great Performances.
Ride Like the Wind.