Monday, January 19, 2009

Horror and Intergrity

To commemorate the Remembrance of MLK on the Eve of this Historic Inauguration Festivities, I make three Blogger Pledges.

1. I will not publish any more pictures of or words on George W. Bushed (good riddance).
2. I Will restore honor and integrity to Swampstyle (as if it ever had any).
3. I will pray like hell for the well-being of our New and Improved First Family.

Reluctant Ronald Signs National MLK Day Proclamation 1983.

UN "Peacekeepers" quell unrest is Haiti 2008

Non-Lethal Media Driven Militarized Taser Nation

Honor and Integrity can not be Assassinated, they can only be booked.

Photo Opportunist "King Jr." Subliminal Subversive Transparent.

Smirk, you're on Rancid Camera.

Gold plated W. All the Pomp and Circumcisions we can Stomach.

Readin' the portraits on the Wall, Dubya rolls up his sleeves for his final decent.
See ya in Dubai.

Black or White... Never Trust a Fear-Mongering Flatterer bearing Empty Platitudes.


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