Monday, November 26, 2012

December @ swampspace

Swampspace presents

100 Years of Artitude  1913 - 2013  

Pataphysics for Dummies

Opening Reception December 1,  2012


The director of Swampspace Gallery in the Miami Design District announced today that Swampspace will present a special exhibition to coincide with Art Basel Miami Beach.  Aptly titled "100 Years of Artitude 1913-2013 Pataphysics for Dummies" the installation is a centennial celebration of the artistic development of craft and culture.  Not since the ArmoryShow of 1913 have esthetic seismographs detected such considerable tremors and creative rumblings emanating from fecund minds.   With an amalgamation of historical artifacts and the metaphysical,  Swampspace spirals into the subjectivity of experienced reality; the inseparability of past, present, and future; and the power of language as a pataphor for attitudes in art market nihilism, truth of contradictions and exceptions.  

About Swampspace

What would become of our beloved River of Grass without the water that sustains it. 
What would South Florida be without the arts that nourish culture and civility.  

Launched in 2008 from the studio of artist Oliver Sanchez, Swampspace presents monthly exhibitions of innovative talent.  On the leading edge of Miami's Arts Awakening,  Swampspace defines a brand that is both sophisticated and unvarnished.    Ocean Drive Magazine's Brett Sokol wrote " Miami's Best Kept Art Secret".  Biscayne Times Anne Tschida said " Sanchez is likely the most talented and prolific Miami Artist you've never heard of."    But the truth is everyone knows about Swampspace and the wizard behind the curtain.   Now at a new deluxe location in the Design District,   Swampspace continue to deliver cutting-edge exhibitions for arts lovers of varied lifestyles who come together and share a unique creative experience.   Because it is perhaps the preeminent artist run project space in Miami,  Swampspace is a recognized destination.    Because it is the antithesis of commercial galleries and institutional museums,   Swampspace is aptly called the Un-Gallery.   Because people are thirsty for culture, they visit Swampspace like mariners to Morocco.

December  1 - 28,  2012

Monday - Sat 11am -7pm

150 NE 42 Street    Miami, FL 33137

Sunday, November 18, 2012

hoof hearted, ice melted

Say what you will, the sea level has risen.

Say what you will, graffiti is art.

Say what you will,  dirt is not cheap.

Say what you will,  why exactly is Justin Beiber artist of this year.

Say what you will, Publix fried chicken once a month won't kill you.

Say what you will, swampspace is open for business.