Monday, February 2, 2009

SoBe Bummmer

Blogger S.O.S. Who the bleep is SoBe Bum and why is it futzing with this blog. What's up with all the links dumped onto swampstyle? Firefox freaks out with each visit to Bum site, it is a download drag.


  1. Hey, sorry, I have no idea why that is happening. I added you to my Bloglist which appears on my sidebar (it's a Blogger gadget). Is this happening to all your posts? Did it just happen that one day? I'll take you off my list if that will solve your problem. I haven't gotten this complaint from anyone else. I'm pretty sure it's a one time thing and you should not continue to get these. Thanks for the heads up and Firefox and download times, though. Seriously, give it a day, it may just go away for the most part.

  2. Hey Mr. Bums, the "links listing" appear to be a recurring thing. I really appreciate your interest in "following" swampstyle. Other followers don't seem to cause this.
    Maybe undo the follow thing, try again. BlogON.

  3. It's not the "follow" thing, it's the "blog list" blogger gadget. I use it to link to the latest posts from other blogs rather than doing a post/regurgitating what I find interesting on other blogs. So, for instance, you are showing up on my blog list side bar with your "duck, cover" post right now. However, since I have not posted since you appeared on the sidebar, no links have been created (I'm not exactly sure how that works). I have a post scheduled for early this afternoon. At that point in time, if you are still showing up on my sidebar (i.e., haven't been pushed down far enough not to show up), I think a link will be created to your "duck, cover" post. I think the problem with multiple links happens when I'm bored out of my skull (like during the Super Bowl) and start posting stupid shit like YouTube videos. If you're showing up on the sidebar during the entire time I'm doing multiple posts, then multiple links will be created.

    I think that makes sense. In any event, since it seems to bother you and that is certainly not my intent, I am removing you from the blog list settings.

  4. not a bother, brother. Just looks weird. Imagine is all linkers behaved this way... way too much clutter. Sounds like a google apps thing.