Thursday, January 22, 2009

Way New Forward

Reflective Moments in Spades of Shades.

The Mastery of Portraiture is Self-Evident when We Look Back on Our Accomplishments.
Serious Introspection Gives Rise to Revolutionary Thought. But it is the World Beyond Our Selves that Determines Change. What Collective Portrait Will Guide Our New Direction as a Nation?

It's All About Oil... on Canvas.

The Lone Dissenting Voice or Vision is Tantamount to the Possibilities of Reason.
From Chaos Comes Order, and the Cycle Begins Again.

Kool is the New School.

With the Petition for a New Arts Czar Circulating About Comes Glee and Reservations.
This Masterful Painting Hangs in The National Portrait Gallery DC.

This Simple Paper Puzzle Will Bend the Boundaries of Your Optic Nerve.
So much is Illusion... 'cept when Reality Bites.


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