Monday, January 12, 2009

Christen the Worship

When I buy a used car, the first thing I do is give it a name with the belief that it will last longer. And so goes the superstition with things inanimate, particularly sea-going vessels.
Knowing that, it is not surprising to read that a new warship of the carrier class has recently been christened in the name of the one and oldie poppy the elder #41.

Photo opportunities abound, with fresh cannon fodder.

No doubt our armed forces dominate land, air and sea. The newly launched 90,000 ton killing machine is ready for action. The USS George H. W. Bush is the latest in our proud fleet of warships. But "Horror Weirdo" are his middle names. For crying out loud, when are people going to wise up to the BFEE.

The review offered so far of George Bush's activities during the late 1950's and early 1960's is almost certainly incomplete in very important respects. There is good reason to believe that Bush was engaged in something more than just the oil business during those years. Starting about the time of the Bay of Pigs invasion in the spring of 1961, we have the first hints that Bush, in addition to working for Zapata Offshore, may also have been a participant in certain covert operations of the US intelligence community.

What the hell does Orwellian "Freedom at Work" mean?

Senior has a history of naming things with a codified cryptic maddening shamelessness.
Just look at the names of the assault ships used for the Bay of Pigs and tell me senior had nothing to do with the botched endeavor. It's clear that everything they have touched turned to mierda.

... In addition to these vessels, which were outfitted as transport ships, there were two somewhat better armed fire support ships, the Blagar and the Barbara. (In some sources Barbara J.) 8 The Barbara was originally an LCI (Landing Craft Infantry) of earlier vintage. Our attention is attracted at once to the Barbara and the Houston, in the first case because we have seen George Bush's habit of naming his combat aircraft after his wife, and, in the second case, because Bush was at this time a resident, booster, and Republican activist of Houston, Texas. But of course, the appearance of names like "Zapata," Barbara, and Houston can by itself only arouse suspicion, and proves nothing.

This clever slogan says everything you need to know about the Bush Legacy of "kill first, demonize nay-sayers, rob the treasury on the way out"

After the ignominious defeat of the Bay of Pigs invasion, there was great animosity against Kennedy among the survivors of Brigade 2506, some of whom eventually made their way back to Miami after being released from Castro's prisoner of war camps.

Senior covertly used the hapless freedom fighters to discredit Kennedy and effectively deliver the cuban exile vote to the republicans. 40 years later to this day my duped countrymen poop on democrats when they should direct their rage for the bay of pigs disaster flatly on poppy bush rump.

For the seriously detailed verifiable account of Senior's escapades through the ages from the nixon years, iran-contra etc. look no further than Robert Parry's Consortium News archives.

Like father like son #43.
Commander Cod-piece rallies the troops for photo-ops in the now shameful "Mission Accomplished" publicity stunt.

I christen this Dud Missile "The Junior Dubya Oblivion Spiral Pocket-Rocket"



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