Sunday, June 2, 2013

Thespian Month @ swampspace

It's Thespian Month!


Swampspace is pleased to host 

La Noche i.Delicatissima

by Southernmost Situations

An adaptation of The Night of the Iguana by Tennessee Williams

Directed by Liz Ferrer and Sebastian Duncan­Portuondo, la noche i.delicatissimafeatures a cast of local artists, dancers, and musicians, moving the play from its original 1940s Mexican setting to a dreamlike 1960s Cuba.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

What's in a Name

Swampspace Gallery

is at a loss for words in

Presque Vu 
Maitejosune Urrechaga

Opening May 11   3 - 10 pm

Yes, No or I Don't Know Why, are common responses to questions. When the answer is " On the Tip of the Tongue", some call it "Presque Vu" or almost seen.   To experience the work of Maitejosune Urrechaga is similar in character to these psycholinguistic phenomenon.   For her solo show, Maitejosune explores through portraiture the universal experience of unconscious thoughts and impulses as yet unexplained by science or spirituality.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Audio Visual Show @ swampspace

Swampspace presents

The A/V Show - Analog in Formaldehyde

Premier Opening April 13  7-11pm 

In recognition of burgeoning spring,  The A/V Show effectively transforms Swampspace into a mythical environment conveying ideals of analog and digital in an attempt to renew understanding of established developments in electronic media through the filter of trans-generational sensibility.  The A/V Show reconsiders the progression of technology in order to formulate a discussion of innovation, its likelihood and the ever increasing pace of obsolescence.

Featured participants are a selection of multi-disciplinary artists focused on the expression and analysis of audio-visual history.

Kevin Arrow
Cristy Alma
Gina Cunningham
Juan Maristany
Coral Morphologic
David Rohn
Barron Sherer
Carmen Tiffany


150 NE 42 St. Miami Design District

Sunday, March 10, 2013

blogger legend signs-off

For nearly decade the South Florida Daily Blog has been a mainstay of connectedness for a homely base of internet publishers and their mélange of readers residing in the swamp and beyond.  As the title suggests and with startling regularity the SFDB delivered daily comprehensive relevant analysis reflecting an anthropologic view of our strengths and weaknesses.  Furthermore the SFDB did a spanking job of watching the watchers in daily sifts of the mainstream media.  For those who favor the fun stuff, SFDB covered an encyclopedia of topics, from music to manure and sports to spaghetti.  One might say surely there is an office filled with geeks somewhere in Broward but the truth is the SFDB was the work of just one person with a near socratic understanding of how to best serve the swamp.

Congratulations to Rick.  

Take a well deserved respite from them darn computers.  


Sunday, February 3, 2013

another swampy opening Feb 9

Swampspace Presents

La Maison du Désir/The House of Desire:
Lea Nickless & Conrad Hamather

Opening Reception Feb 9   6-10

Open Feb 9 - March 9

150 NE 42 Street, Miami Design District

The Industrial Revolution generated a dialogue between artist and technology that continues in La Maison du Désir/The House of Desire, a collaborative installation by artists Lea Nickless and Conrad Hamather.  A pop-up boutique with atelier garment collections, “glitter bomb” objects referencing the luxury goods industry, monoprints and a video time-lapse drawing continue the exchange between the digital and the body, technology and art, and the corporal and the spiritual. The exhibition also debuts an atmospheric floor by Keith Frutiger, Atlanta-based designer.  Situated at the epicenter of the Design District, an area presently being consumed by high-end luxury shops, Swampspace is the ideal venue for this exhibition where distinctions between desire and need, opulence and ease, value and worth are considered.  

About the Artists
Conrad Hamather has been creating sculpture and installation work with a discourse on body and architecture for the last two decades. A faculty member at the School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Hamather teaches in the Department of Fashion Design. 
Artist and curator Lea Nickless is interested in the unseen, the subliminal, with what is beneath the surface. She creates garments from eco-dyed silks that she patterns with leaves, seeds and windfall blossoms she collects on her daily walks. Her monoprints and a time-lapse video feature layers of pigment, shape and text.

About Swampspace
What would become of our beloved River of Grass without the water that sustains it. What would South Florida be without the arts that nourish culture and civility. Launched in 2008 from the studio of artist Oliver Sanchez in the Miami Design District, Swampspace Gallery presents monthly exhibitions of innovative talent. On the leading edge of Miami's Arts Awakening, Swampspace defines a brand that is both sophisticated and unvarnished. Ocean Drive Magazine Brett Sokol wrote " Miami's Best Kept Art Secret". Biscayne Times Anne Tschida said " Sanchez is likely the most talented and prolific Miami Artist you've never heard of." But the truth is everyone knows about Swampspace and the wizard behind the curtain. Now at a new deluxe location in the Design District, Swampspace continue to deliver cutting-edge exhibitions for arts lovers of varied lifestyles who come together and share a unique creative experience. Because it is perhaps the preeminent artist run project space in Miami, Swampspace is a recognized destination. Because it is the antithesis of commercial galleries and institutional museums, Swampspace is aptly called the Un-Gallery. Because people are thirsty for culture, they visit Swampspace like mariners to Morocco.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Post-Information Era Begins Now

Posted Tidings for 2013

I have not posted since you know when,
who knows when I'll do it again.
Not from lack of spark or desire,
but because I have caught an ire.
To vex on the state of what's swampy,
has been a grandiose thumpy.
To wax on the age of information,
has been futile retaliation.
To delve deep lucid and snarky,
has resulted in logic malarkey.
To lay bare my most secret indignation,
has been an instructive sensation.
To refrain from self adulation,
is now welcome aberration.
To continue the habit to publish,
will most certainly lead to more rubbish.
Some would be please to see swampstyle deleted,
but so long as there's new years, I won't be defeated.

Oh yes, and groogle wants me to start paying for storage...