Sunday, January 25, 2009


Oil, Crude Black Gold, How did we Get so Hooked on you?

You don't have to like someone to do good business... and you certainly don't have to suck face with them. But since there simply is not enough crude in Texas, California, Alaska or Gulf of Mexico to satisfy the thirst, we Cozy-up with those who would eat us for breakfast.

Chemistry 101- Plastics to the Rescue. Petroleum is not just for making our cars and trucks GO, it is used in practically everything we do and use. Number 2 is Methane Gas. We are so proud to be dependent on these two resources that it will take a long time and a myriad of CHANGE before we ever HOPE to be free.

Holding Lots at the Port of Long Beach CA.
All over the world Car Makers keep cranking out millions of new cars...
but they are not selling as quick as expected.

Here is a simple message for ya'll:

OPEC Dollars Beyond Their Royalist Dreams,
Courtesy of Allah and USA.

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