Monday, January 5, 2009

Chaperone like it's 1999

In the wake of new years eve.

Living in the swamp means coping with storms - before, during n after. Hurricanes are compliments of mother nature, Basel the art fair is man-made, compliments of the industry. I welcome both with much ado apprehension and pickled relief when the dust is settled, until the next holy-daze season.

One recurring storm is most assuredly welcome, because it is mostly my doing.

Loitering allowed. No adults please.

Too old for the Mall - too young for the Clubs.
Here are a few vignettes from this years DASH Teen Dance - students big sick party.

Turn up the volume, turn off the lights.

Much can be said of the age-old dance of courtship and rights of passage.
Suffice to report that all is well in the hormonal department, the beaker spilleths over.

Doing the humpty-hump... sticky with unadulterated enthusiasm.

Society is completely disrespectful of the needs of this age group...
It is indeed an obligation, privilege and delight to provide these teens with the opportunity, place and tunes for them to be, well... themselves.

These kids have earned their indulgences.
A great time was had by all, and so it's back to school.


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  1. I met my first real bf at an underage event like this. He was twenty at the time.