Monday, September 17, 2012

Avocado Rules

Considering the inclement times it is a comfort to know the avocados are doing just fine.

The great south Florida avocado may be second best to the Hawaiian Hass but at the end of the season the comparison is apples and apples.  Our sub-tropic variety is abundant, affluent and plenty oily.  

Late season avocado fruit is another perk that accompany the swag of being here during heat season. 
Each and very cubic yard of swamp that is paved is one less bounty of guacamole.

I will not waste your time elucidating on the merit of el grande aguacate.
Suffice to say it is PH neutral.

The color of avocado was once in vogue and may again be back in style according to Dania Beach.
The fruit is eternal.

Ahhhhhhhvocado. Our strength comes from waiting. 

Not so swampy vinyl but halfway to avocado at FtLaud Airport.

the fruit

the dredged barge south of port everglades

A is for abundance

Golden Beach goes up with swampy

Macro-Micro avocado is all bueno

the A B C 's of Avocado is eat local shop global.

But please No avocado pie...


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Golden Brand Mart Interchange

Honk if you like bottles shaped like AK47's filled with candy liquor. And Like if you like late-night shopping for spirits @ TotalWine. A place where deals are serious, smiles are on display and all to often there is no open bar.

Treats and tricks is what we can expect in the coming days as the spook season in South Florida heralds the start of some iconic brew. The Fall season that is. Time to squirrel away some nuts.

But first let's travel though and under the golden arch of the golden glades interchange up on 163 street otherwise known as that crazed rats' nest of high speed cross roads. 

Turn left and you will find yourself and incidental passengers on a patch of real-estate industrial park trapped in a pocket of old urbanism. 

This area is  home to a menage of vendors that not only sustain a demand but are surreptitiously housed is some rather remarkable architecture. 

Classic Swampchitecture that is.

Classic indeed.

The encapsulated pod entrance place.

The aztec zig-zaggerat place.

The fortified moorish factoria.

 The elite research institute.

The Cosco of acrylic sheets ACME Plastics, your one-stop shop in the Gotham City of the South.

Best Wood. Whittlesey's
No Matter. What counts is the goods.  

Together these floundering businesses form a ramshackle industrial park effectively a pocket of not so disperate proto-urban swampyness interrupted by attempts at architecture.

A renovated facade of a warehouse housing the new and improved local PD...

And the old familiar landmark stands sentry for a plunging economy defined by diminished demand and brand banality.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012


“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete 
when everything the American public believes is false.”  
 William Casey CIA Director 1980

Allot of information about 9/11 has emerged in the past decade. Perhaps more than most people are willing to digest. One thing is certain,  the official story must forever be hammered into the hearts and minds of a complacent populace hungry for outrage and sensational centrism. 

Allot has changed indeed.    The face of skepticism is now anonymous. 
It teetering at the edge of irrelevance cloaked as if to conceal an undefinable futility.

Who cares what people think.  Who cares what happened 100 years ago.

The face of 9/11 is business as usual on Wall Street.

The face of 9/11 is a somber chorus lamenting in unison under the cacophony of discordant sirens.


The term Ground Zero no longer defines the center of nuclear detonations.
Ground Zero is now a sacred place in downtown New York City.

The face of 9/11 is faceless.  It is the Lie of Our Lives.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DNC dreaming

Soon it will be once again time to choose.  Choose to go forward not back or choose to go nowhere fast.   Good that people like what they are used to.  It's the incumbents advantage.  Safe to say Miami is tacitly Obama country.

It is not surprising that both RNC and DNC presidential conventions are staged just before the eleventh anniversary of September eleven.  Who would have imagined airplanes flying into buildings?  Certainly not Condi Rice and friends.

Forward means never having to say WTF?

Moving forward means leading the free world away from the current republican corporate zealotry.

Forward is not fast-forward. Forward is deliberate and clear incremental adjustment to the balance of power.

Forward is not sideways or retrograde. Forward is not exceptional pre-emptive war for profit.

Elizabeth Warren moves forward for the middle class.
"Democracy can be an honorable enterprise"

Marquito Rubio the anointed was won over by Paul Ryan. Good that neither will move forward to fast. 

Romney as the Gilgamesh of the GOP.
Mittboss wants us to move forward in the direction of reverse. He really wants the job.

Moving around and around, Michelle the hoola-hooping first lady.

My president and yours. Don't stop thinking about tomorrow.

Roll out the tax dollars moving forward.

Obama's presidential pod should keep him safe for a second term...