Monday, October 27, 2008

that'll be 100 AMERO's por favor

When perestroika took hold, communism presumably ended and we won. Today the unspeakable truth is capitalism is going the way of the russian restructuring. More bluntly, it's failed upwards. Wall street thanks it's lucky stars, aka the taxpayers. Randy Rhodes said it best, "it's about privatizing the profits and socializing the debt." Thanks W.

And now without further delay, here comes the AMERO. Rhymes with the EURO.

Follow the swaggerer; mexico, usa, canada
North America in it's entirety is sliding towards a political boundary-free market target.

This is not a Franklyn Mint Commemorative coin. It's your new money, when the dollar is so devalued you will want to wrap fish in it.

......... and the rich keep getting filthier while the downtrodden get ricketier.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's all about the Race

Just a reminder to Vote and Vote Early. Both contenders have fought the good fight, now it's time for the spectators to excorcise the crazies out of the white house.

We must not allow the republicans to steal another election. All they have left is dirty tricksters.

Let's take back Main-street USA, the home of the party-hardy.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bridge to Somewhere

In 1940, the Venetian Causeway was the only road to Miami Beach.
Today there are many ways to get to the swamp, Miami is practically the Latin Manhattan.

These are the new faces of Miami, these wee people parade by my studio often. They are a joy to behold, they are tomorrows America.

Dress-up Day ought to be everyday. The great lesson of fashion is timing. One could be right as right can be but if no one is listening , well not much is gained.

C.H.A.N.G.E. Change How American Noggins Get Educated.

Let's hear it for red, white, blue and orange, green, black, yellow and a splash of pink.
Long live the Mulatto Millennium.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama Riles the Swamp

Sometimes a picture may be blurry, but the message is clear. Florida, Yes We Can... but you gotta Vote.

At the end of of another humid working day in the shadows of empty luxury condos, nearly 50 thousand very vocal locals were in attendance at Bicentennial Park to hear the Obamas speak. The venue was inadequate but the air was electric, great vibes from all the people involved; the campaign volunteers, the TSA officers, the residents of Miami, the vendors, all a very diverse crowd that know who our next president is. The whole affair had soul and it felt great. Half the job was just showing up.

The other half of the job is our dreams. If you want a dream to come true, you gotta dream it.
But it takes more than dreaming, you gotta fight for the left and... yes, vote.

Coincidence is fate. I took a sit down next to this unassuming fella, fired up a chat and turns out he took a train from upstate and happens to be the one blogger deity FL progressive, the blasphemous Blast-Off. Keep up the blasted blasting and belligerent rantings. So here is our mugs for posterity.

This young lady proudly paraded about with a meticulous pencil sketch depicting the likeness presumably of her preferred candidate for President of the United States of America.


R.I.N.O.'s Redemption

Republican In Name Only: Dear Colin Powell, I take back all the trash talk.

Today's MakeGood Award goes to Colin Powell, for coming clean and endorsing the lean mean obama machine. The General is Colin Powell, an American Human Being (with faulty intelligence sometimes).

Look, we all make mistakes, we all keep secrets, but Powell swallowed a big pill at the UN lead up Iraq War PowWow. He sold us FEAR with bunch of aluminum tubes and we bought it, hook line and sinker.

Smells like anthrax... that's why I think twice before working for republicans.

Royal Flush. W, keep your boots on till Jan 09. Don't let the doorknob git-yall, where the good lord split-yall.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Progress... yeah right.

Dude, where's the beach? A sliver of light marks the public's right of way to the beach.

The Foutainbleau and Eden Roc Hotels are competing again; side by side punch-listing their respective multi-million dollar renovations, which include additional 600 hotel rooms to add to the resort town pillow tax glut. There was a time when these places were fabulous autonomous entities. Today they are mostly uninviting glorified condo barriers to the sea shore.

Back in the moist old days, when the land grab took hold, swamp salesmen were swamped with buyers. Northerns with visions of a tropical playground for the nouvelle rich were lured to the land of sunshine with a new contraption called air-conditioning. The hook was land speculation and Bunny Yeager girls.

Looking North at Collins and 41 Street before the Fountainbleau Hotel and the Boat Show.
Flagler and Fisher rested on the seventh day... after laying the tracks, trashing the sanctuary by leveling the mangrove and unleashing dredging rigs on the bay to back-fill the barrier island.

Was South Point over-built back then, not really. But today it most definitely is; over-the-top and very avoidable.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lions, Lambs n Proselytizers

I used to live in Brooklyn near the Watchtower, the place where Jehovah's witnesse's printing presses buzzed 24/7 filling truck-loads of literature bound for world-wide distribution, to be used in their door-to-door proselytizing. The pamphlets are thoroughly amusing in a deeply psychopathic way. Their vision of things earthly is the subject for a rather extensive and impressive collection of illustrations that can only be described as far-out and gregorian.

All is not well in the river's edge, baby moses no likey hair extensions.

If it is Sunday, it must be get-out-n-save-souls day. How many time have you been racked by a group of mild-mannered folk with offers of plain talk. I actually enjoy taking a moment to converse and exchange ideas with them, rattle some screws, and always take the free stuff.

To be fair, JW's are perfectly nice people. The artist that render copious amount of illustrations depicting their JW utopian vision of the world are inspiring to many young artist with Bob Ross leanings. There was a time when art and architecture, with cavernous cathedrals and glorious depictions of biblical scenes, had the ability to convert unsuspecting mongrels . But not so much today.

But when the lights go out, and the ink hits the press, Jehovah Witnesses are a cult like so many others that is all about doom, gloom and the selling of salvation. This apostate ain't buying.


Regular Unleaded $2.17

The economy continues to tank, just ask this guy who has to sell the thing he loves most.

Mark my words, the price of gasoline will be way down for election day.

Oil company/republicans will make sure of that as low prices at the pump serve to lull a complaisant public to stay home. Logic is, things are good, why vote?

On the stump with my repug chums.


Read Out Loud

It's presidential pardon time again... but can they pardon themselves?
Here below is the meat and potatoes on the desired fate of our Resident In Thief and his Uncle Dick.

Listening to John Nichols at Books n Books was medicine for the mind, he offers a hefty dose of inspirational patriotic outrage.

Little giant big Dennis Kucinich has a new book out that is kick-ass, right-on Unspeakable.

I saw the two amazing Sanchez sisters on the Jeraldo Rivera faux show. Their story is required reading for young Hispanic guys n gals.

Environmentalists gone wild... an auto-biography.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Joe the Dumber

Dirty Jobs Guy, a real american hero.

Being a republican operative/plant is a dirty job, but there are plenty of idiots to choose from out there. The McCain Palin campaign is obviously desperate, they see the writing on the blogs.

A true american hero:
Art Carney the consummate sewage engineer in the Honeymooners.

Now, I'm no plumber but i can sweat copper pipe better than repug joe, no problem.
Real plumbers out there should be outraged.

The corporate media is just running the narrative sound bite, the facts are lost in the channel-changer. This crap is too good to be true, but it is. Should we take it seriously, you betcha!

The Backed-Up Boys (aka plumbers union) should be pissed off about this recent McCain stunt, it is preposterous. What could possibly be next? just ask jane the janitor?


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Christopher Colonic Day

History is written by the winners. Revisionists tweak it.

Once again it is Columbus Day Sale in the new world. But what is there to celebrate exactly?

Some folks don't need much of an excuse to dress up and parade down main-street; or get drunk and go boating.... nothing wrong with that.

To be fair, ol' Cristobal Colon was a good navigator, let's give him that.

The new world is not so new anymore. What we have learned is what has been forgotten.
Going back to 1492, it is clear Queen Isabella and her rapture crowd was in need of gold to finance their heady version of reality. To fight god's fight they needed to expel the Moors from the promised land. We still have that mentality today, the "Accelerated Rapture Folk" are convinced "The End Is Near", they are the only ones that will be saved.

"... October 12 1492, land was spotted by a lookout of the Pinta. As Columbus approached the island he named San Salvador, Tainos natives appeared on the shores. What to make of the first encounter of Columbus and the Taino has filled books upon books of debate (we do not want to go into it here). Some interactions and actions between both groups to keep in mind are: Columbus renamed all the land, seas, etc. he found in the name of Spain; Columbus exchanged Spanish trinkets with the Tainos in the hope of discovering where they hid their gold; Columbus claims that he would like to convert the Tainos to Christianity and Spanish customs through love rather than force, yet he also takes many Tainos prisoners to serve as interpreters; the Tainos, at first, think the Spaniards are gods and treat them with awe. For the most part, the first encounter with the natives is not filled with confrontation but manipulation of mixed intentions."

The inconvenient truth is there is much known about the little pale men in tin suits, with a bible in their armpit, riding high on horses. What gave them the 'right' to pillage and plunder the people and nature of a tropical paradise we call home today? Blind Arrogant Lust.

If you want a belly-full clear picture of the genocide at the hands of western thinking and the resilient spirit of indigenous "insurgents", read no further than the story of the Haitian people.

"... From the time King Ferdinand of Spain congratulated Columbus on his Christmas day landfall near Cap Haïtien then declared open season on West Africans for his New World sugar plantations there, Haiti has been a land of warm and gracious people racked by violence and suffering."


Monday, October 13, 2008

Audacity of Dopes

McCain is not Able... Palin is Peculiarly Painful.

Mopping up the GOP mess is a dirty job, but obama/biden are up to it.


Sunday, October 12, 2008