Wednesday, April 28, 2010



Norwegian fashion magazine shot on site in my design district studio.
Photos by Isabel Watson

Bohemian Bombshell

Fashion is a flighty thing. A cousin to art and science, fashions deep lesson is timing. A fine-tuned outfit always wins an argument.

Seven Foot Tall Russians

The blurred picture on the top right is of Miami art collectors Mr. and Mrs. Brahman.

Glam n Ham

The blurred area on the cabinet door is the "Obama at the Barbershop" poster from 2008.

Baxterlogic Swamperfect Light

Where can i get a copy of HENNE ?


Thursday, April 22, 2010

last week's news

World news digest from the swamp is moving like molasses, here is last week's reportage for the slow to know.

Earth Daily

Got New? call 1-001-800-911

just flew in, wings tired

Now that the volcanic ash cloud of terror has dissipated enough to allow air travel to resume, Europeans are rediscovering trains after standing by while commercial air travel sat like a duck out of water.

Earth Day... Moon Night

Buzz Aldrin - man on the moon commented upon looking at the earth from that unique perspective:

"One small step for man, one giant vacuum cleaner for mankind.

Buzz recently toured prez Obam! through Cape Kennedy and got a big blast of federal funding to energize space exploration. Throwing money into space is nice in a starwars kinda way but there are pressing needs down on the ground.

Carbon Base Peanut Farmer

Long term change is most obvious when we take a rear-view mirror look at works in progress such as US president Jimmy Carter pitching solar panels during the 1970's oil shortage or the Three Gorges Dam in China, biggest hydro-electric install thus far with huge environmental footprint.

Humans Welcome

The earth doesn't mind that we are here, in fact she probably does not give us much thought as she may very well be better off in some respect without us.
Father time does not give a flying walinda about man.

Edward R. Burrow Bldg.

But wherever man goes, trouble and devastation soon follow. Back in happier simpler days when folks got around on horse and buggy, the American ethic was one of true affluence.
But as disparity in the classes grew, poor folk got itchy with discontent.

I Heart Office Bldg.

Who would like to forget that fateful day in Oklahoma City when federal agencies became the target for disgruntled enemies within. The home-grown haters reared their ugly tempers and made some noise. The official story ended with the electric chair for a young soldier from around the corner who took his secrets with.

Spring Cleaning

It's time to dust off those tired notions of what is news. News is bending to revision as the last word can always be updated to include new news. Speculators and conspiracists will keep hope alive that someway a better truth about 9/11 will shine a light in the shadows of the musty history.

Stray Within the Lines

Children draw the darnedest things.

Volcano Watch

The attack on the World Trade Center was akin to volcanic eruptions... we know they will happen, we just can't say when.

Fast Forward 2019

From the look of this merchant, september 11 was a long time ago and safe for trivialization.

News Grows Up in Smoke

Things are not always what they seem, and certainly what we are lead to believe is often not quit accurate nor complete.


Next week we'll report on the crisis with sticky Gook in the Gulf, and finally a local feel-good story to soften the real bad news.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Harping the News

Egg of the Tiger

Now that the attention is off the Woodsmeiter, it is noticeable to mention how the news of Tiger's indiscretion was attached to that 911 call playback. The news cycle rang with distraction to the scripted narrative. What was the real news that got under-reported that week?

Good Ship Belly-Up

Trust the news cyclers to construct happy endings of sound bites to regurgitate later. What better diversion than the shocking acts of nature unfolding ever more frequently to pique our curious addiction to the news on teevee. With mines collapsing and volcanoes erupting, eyeballs are guaranteed to the commercialists.

We Interrupt this Blog

It is with esteemed regret that the Swampstyle family offers it's sincere condolences to the Polish people for the loss of their President and other officials in that terribly unexplainable plane crash in Russian bad weather.

Fasten Your Sweat-Belt

Life is loaded with surprises, some good most less than great and very direct.
The idea that bad weather can cause calamity is little understood yet well accepted, it is the ultimate excuse, therefore insurance does not cover acts of nature.

Crazy Bang Boom

What is it with mother nature these days %^&*$#@
If it weren't for one disaster after another lately, one might swear she is in need of comfort. The globalwarming deniers digress but can't deny that the earth is erupting in a weaponized fashion for no discernable reason.

Ice + Fire = Ash

We interrupt this interruption to bring you up to speed, everything is corroding!
The planet has always been a swampy stew, simmering in the cosmic embers of the eons.
But now we have the hand of man stirring a caldron of calamities.

ultra light super strong

Spewing from one of the coldest and most dormant place on earth, the billowing clouds of volcanic ash are proof positive that mobility is under assault. Natures fury has brought commercial air travel to a sooty delay. The ash particles are a lethal dose of super-fine lighter-than-air dust, tons of it. Scientists are in a tiff for not knowing when the volcano will simmer down. Europe is in a mobility mobius over mother natures acne while the media construe for their bosses.

Where No Journalist Will Go Again

You know there are unspoken truths out there, top ten unreported stories. Every year certain news is pushed under the rubble of rhetoric, the media mirror of our mortal realm reflects the fiber of our consensus. Time marches on to a familiar drumbeat that we are comfortable with.

Buzz Light Years

When president Obama spoke to the Space Program recently, we heard reassuring words that NASA will get bloated with billions to further our quest for harnessing the physical world as we know it. With the Space Shuttles getting cashed as clunkers and the Space Station in foreclosure, it's high time to call on the professionals... calling Captain Buzz A. and his crew.

Friends with Larry King

There are things that only presidents, Snoop Dog and guys who have walked on the moon can know. They know material fact but can not share them with public.
For example, they know how to harness the power of the mainstream media to get right into your living room.

Cape Canaveral Crazy

Did you know that plans are well underway to harness the power of nature as a weapon of unimaginable terror. The ability to transmit beams of energy that create plasma fields and magnetic storms is now a reality called HAARP.

That's Not Funny

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is a catchy name for the very ominous and destructive new technology in our arsenal of deterrents.

Play the Harp ?

The biggest array of Beam Weapons in the world is in Alaska. No other country has such capability. These jumbles of wired antennas pack a whopping zap of bandwidth blast delivered with GPS precision. Do not wear your tin foil hat when visiting HAARP.

Star Whores

Ever wonder why one group would build a contraption that could coerce and twist mother nature to cause more death and destruction than she does already?
Because they can.

Snow-Job Security

Everything looks better from inside a snow-globe. Most people accept the official reports of disasters, natural or man-made, even though there remain nagging questions and inconsistencies with the facts.

Push Back-Space

How long have we had these so called Beam Weapons?
Who's had their finger on button of believability?
Will the mainstream media please report.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Swampy Openings


is pleased to announce

MILK, HONEY, (whatever) and MONEY

by Samanthrax Gozlan

April 10th * 6-11 pm

Second Saturday Art Walk Design District

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What the Anthroposophy?

“The basis of artistic creation is not what is, but what might be; not the real, but the possible. Artists create according to the same principles as nature, but they apply them to individual entities, while nature, to use a Goethean expression, thinks nothing of individual things. She is always building and destroying, because she wants to achieve perfection, not in the individual thing, but in the whole.” Rudolf Steiner


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wetfoot, Whitefoot

Little Prez That Could

While vice president Joe Biden visited Little Haiti to assure our neighbors that the feds were determined to helping the earthquake rattled caribbean island and their diaspora here in the swamp, more so after Haiti is off the front pages of the lamestream media...

Bigfoot Cometh

... Presi Obama will be meeting with the Ladies in White Auxiliary across-town in Little Havana. (unless a coal mine collapses...)

Walk in Their Zapatos

While the Ladies in White march in silent protest down the streets of Havana (no photo available)...

Domino Theory

... old cuban men play dominos and gulp cafesitos while complaining about the old crab's sibling back home as their wives march down calle ocho in silence.

Who is More Macho

Blasted old men, they sit in the way of progress, they make this old man weary.
Ladies deserve better, just ask the Bidenator.

Sink and Swim

Perhaps the Ladies in White will be another tipping point in the balance for fairness, a less violent world...

... perhaps the swamp will bloom with the spectral colors of HOLI...

that would be "bLiNkin BiG"