Monday, December 1, 2008

No Black Basel

Omni Observant Local Word-Smith, Brett Sokol has the low-down on what flies and what doesn't with the art-police.

It appears we have another dark stain on the First Amendment.
Miami Beach officials have gagged CooPer's work from public space.
From Brett's piece in the NewYork Mag:

“The ink stains,” says Max Sklar, the city’s tourism honcho. “Clothing, cars, the sidewalk—everything.

“This isn’t Disney pretend,” he (CooPer) says. “This is real, live public art. You can look at it and enjoy it. But if you get in the middle of it, it’s not going to forgive you.”

Can't be bullish with fake bull.

Sokol in the Herald:
From beginning to today; a thorough account of the Locust Project Art Space in Wynwood.

"...Cooper recalls arguing with a city official over the precise classification of the building's occupational license:

``I kept telling him we didn't have a traditional occupation -- we were artists! So then he wanted to know how many desks we had!''

Cooper asked me about the ink issue and all i could come up with was squid-ink flavored kool-aid. Cooper is no substa-dude, he is the real thing.


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  1. I'm with Sklar, don't trash a park and it's surroundings because the artist won't swap in a harmless dye for ink.