Sunday, December 14, 2008

Green is the new Red, White n Blue

Little old blue bin be banished, there's a new super-size bin on the block.

Came home yesterday to find a fancy new recycling can delivered to every house in the neighborhood courtesy of Metro Dade Sanitation Department. The literature included provides residents with detailed instructions on the new initiatives lauded by the county as a bigger 'greener' better solution to our collective issues with sustainability. Is it your tax dollars well spent or another boondoggle for the bureaucrats?

How fast can one household fill up a 65 gallon can of recyclable material? Who cares!

The biggest advantages of this new program are that you no longer have to separate your recyclables and you can now recycle more types of paper products. Recycling has never been easier!

Curbing our appetite for progress, new plastic bins ready for distribution.

Think about it, if every town in the nation decides to up-grade their recycling bins, is it really green? Oscar the Grouch says NO!
The official web site has nothing but good news on the effort to manage our insurmountable production and accumulation of waste in a culture of conspicuous consumption.

Miami-Dade County launched a new recycling program. The transition process will take several months, in the meantime please continue to use the current recycling system, until you receive the new information package and recycling cart.

And if that isn't enough progress for ya, wrap your head around the effort to automate the collection of trash and garbage. Why are we doing all this at a time when the economy is tanking and jobs are scarce? Because we can.

Again from the Department of Everything is Coming Up Roses:

It's official! The Department of Solid Waste Management completed its garbage automation effort, with crews delivering EZGO carts to the final households in the Department’s service area. More than 300,000 households participate in this innovative garbage collection service that is neater, cleaner, safer and more efficient for residents and employees alike! While automating the Department’s waste collection service area is complete, we’ll continue to adjust, monitor and improve our waste collection efforts.

The only thing that is EZ-GOing is sanity and jobs.

Prices for recovered waste paper have plummeted to record lows.


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