Thursday, December 11, 2008


From Swamp to shining Swamp.

The Chicago Tribune is worth periodic visits, particularly these days.
Wish I could say the same for the Miami Harold.

The Tribune has tons of great photos documenting Obama's Magical Life thus far.

Love is thicker than molten lava. Love has no opposite.

"I Read a Book Once" by George W. Bushed

Insert Your Face Here. Yearbook Yourself.
First Lady looks ready to tackle the world.

Brother don't need no surf-board.
Talk about catching a wave.... ride it all the way to Pennsylvania Avenue.

We won't fall for the old Aluminum Tubes neo-Con again.

In front of every great woman....
We know who's got his ears and heart.

Tee-shirt diplomacy.
Jackson's got his 'hands/Jr.' but Obama's still got his plum-sacks.
Little girls know a wolf in sheep t-shirt when they see one.

Even white people's got to shout.
Brother would never tattoo anything on baby's forehead.

Lefties Rule. We are "in the pink", let's not blow it.

Talk to the Hand, you Dick, Cheney.



  1. Don't forget to throw in some pictures of Obama with Blagojevich, Tony Rezko, Reverend Wright, Richie Daley and the other members of the machine that got him there!

  2. That's no way to get invited to the inaugural ball. Sour-grapes cinder, looking more like an un-american pumpkin with each wretched name thrown in the gears. Do your home-work and ask forgiveness from your fairy-god-mom. Bush n Co. have us beat 100 to 1 on hypocrites, crooks n liars. Now you know how millions of us felt for eight miserable years. Though we walk in the valley of shadows, the obamas fear no evil.