Saturday, December 6, 2008

Basel Fossil Report

5-ton ready-made courtesy of the swamp.

ABMB 2008 Recaps and Recollections.

With the eighth annual Art and Design Extravaganza coming to a close it has become abundantly apparent that for better or worse we are a people of insatiable sensory needs and desires. The extent of participation on the part of all the parties interested confirms that Miami has become a mecca for art freaks of all persuasion. From the 600 private jets landing in OpaLocka airport to the native art-soldier and grunts eager to cash in on a pittance during the season, every one is scrambling to take in as much as humanly possible. ABMB and all that follows is at the core an orgy of desire for the collective mutual eye-candy only art, design and the people that make it happen deliver each year right here in the swamp.

If a picture tells a thousand words then MiamiArtWeek speaks volumes on the optic nerve of the human need for something extra, the need to find some meaning for our earthly existence.

This thing is bigger than the Boat Show... and the people are allot more interesting.

Swampthing is busy hosting the Bordello Bodega, no time to OD on all the Goings-Ons.

Do find time to read:
Interview with Ambra Medda, co-founder and director of Design Miami/ NOMADpaper
Also from the Dept. of Totally Unrelated.
The Real Bill Ayers Speaks , OpEd newyorktimes.

Visit the incomparable Buildings n Food for a complete virtual tour of the Arttractions.



  1. Where are all your Art Basel photos Swampthing? I came to your site to steal some.

  2. Didn't know you cared. No way to steel here, everything is free. regrets genius, too few photos (to trivialize the memories) The Bordello Bodega kept my hands n heart busy, it was a crowd-pleaser culminating with the Basel Flu. despair not, plenty pics elsewhere n maybe a few more from here.

  3. That is what I wanted to see: The Bordello Bodega. Is that it -- under your arm?

  4. Oh, I'm dense -- it is a place!! A convenience store, I will have to visit now...

    It sounded better in my imagination. I was intrigued...still am, sort of.