Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Brown Knight

Readers want to know more about the Beaucoup Bucks dolled out recently and locally by the prestigious Knight Foundation to a wide range of fine art related individuals and institutions. It is no secret that the recipients are well deserving of the much needed funding that they must now match in order to actually take receipt of said generosity. It gets easier to get more money when a heavy-weight like our very own brown knight, Alberto Ibarg├╝en, has got your back. Funding of the arts is a vehicle for the betterment of the spirit heart and soul of Miami. But giving is nothing new to the Knights. The Knight family, as miami readers may recall, was once the owner of the MiamiHerald. It's a shame that the Herald ran out of knights before it ran out of newsprint. The esteemed Foundation does however continue to support a wide range of non-art related socially relevant and critical services right here in the swamp.
Thanks to the generosity of the Knight family, my dear mother, now retired, worked quietly for 40 years at the Robert T. Knight Activity Center for Adults with Disabilities, ironically located today just around the corner from Daniel Arsham's Studio in Hialeah. Arsham is my pal and client, one of Miami's own rising stars in the art world. We've collaborated on many projects, but two come to mind with regard to the Knight Foundation; The stage set for Merce Cunninham Dance Co. and more recently Beacon/Miami for MAM. If coincidence is fate, then nothing is ever the result of chance. It is hard work and the vision thing.

Maquette for Merce Cunningham set by Arsham

Detail of finished work at my Design District Studio

Performance at the Carnaval/Arsht Center in Miami.
This stage set has been around the world twice and was recently used again at the Kennedy Center in D.C.

People Powered Art by Arsham
Testing the Beacon/Miami Project Downtown for ABMB week.


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  1. Do you happen to know where we can see a video of the building actually pulsating???
    Arsham is truly one of Miami's top artist, the guy really takes his art seriously.