Wednesday, December 31, 2008

castro incontrovertible

How many revolutions can claim a 50/50 ratio between their best work and the most mundane? Revolutions are not supposed to last 50 years. It's all so revolting.

Painting of my parents in happier days in Camaguey Cuba. My father was killed twenty days after i was born. Soon after, Batista the bastard took off and Castro the commie stumbled out of the hills and sashed into Havana. The tragic blood-bath continues 50 years later.

The Pre-Bearded One
Fiddle Castor's Mug Shot

Melancholonic Mel ponders 50 years of futility for the NewYorkTimes

".... Even among those who support the 46-year-old embargo, like Senator Mel Martinez, a Republican, continued damage to families has become a more prominent concern.

“This is an ongoing tragedy,” said Mr. Martinez, who left Cuba at age 15 and spent four years without his parents. “How many people today are still being separated? How many people in Cuba are making plans to leave?”....

Dear canook Al Godar has the tragic tally. And dear young Joani direct from Havana has the play-by-play.


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