Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In the Belly of Big Basel

Being immersed in the fine art industry, it is easy to forget that just short walk from all the hullabaloo of Basel one can find ample example of those who are perfectly oblivious to the "life or death" seriousness, self-importance pomp and circumstance of ABMB.

Tomorrows public service non-art troops.

Junior ROTC practice their maneuvers across Dade Blvd. from ABMB at MB Senior High School. They may very well be proud of not knowing anything about art.

!% down payment on income property.

Newly constructed du-plex just a block from Design Miami in the mainland.
Probably costs less than the Bob Williams 8"x10" that sold for 350,000.

Ground Zero Design Miami

The Bordello Bodega was a big hit among the vips and casual art aficionados.
There were times when a crowd would gather outside wanting to get in to take advantage of the 1940's prices on libations, substantials candies and necessities.

Bordello Bodega without the people.
I cant tell you how many times i heard people say this was such a welcome treat, the best thing they had seen all week. The place had an aura of having always been there. Foreigners were delighted with the quirky ambiance and intriguing native visual appeal.

That's allota GoGo Empanadas.

Somehow we managed to raise wads of dough for DASH. But more so, we raised the consciousness of many a traveler eager to be not just amused by art but transformed if only for a moment to a place in their minds, the bordello bodega.


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