Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shed a Tear for Cyclists

Read it and weep.

Miami may be a bike-friendly town on paper, with a long overdue official recognition, but it is another case of Too Little Too Late.

My pal Bert, pro cyclist and conceptual artist extraordinaire, ended up at Jackson Memorial with severe injuries as a result of another one of the countless completely incapable hit-n-run motorist miami is known for.

Photo not related, but just as painful.

You see them, the one on the cellphone texting, or applying make-up, or rabid with road-rage. We got plenty of meter-maids, we got robocop radars, we got speed bumps, speed limits posted that begs the question, why not just walk? We got teflon highways and buildings just for cars, we got pornographic car advertising, we got nascar petrol running through our veins but we can't seem to get anything right when it comes to common sense solutions towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Bogus Bike Friendly. Spending tax dollars of feel-good advertising.

We got no respect for the growing demands of the cycling public. FDOT is particularly whak, city and county gov'ment is whak, big-foot bone-head drivers are whak, rip-off bike shops are whak, bike thieves are whak, and what do we get? we get whaked. This sucks the big one. Can you tell I'm pissed?

I should have done the entire face.
Bert, in happier days getting his beautiful nose cast for posterity.

My sympathy goes out to the growing scores of young cyclists eager to get around on something other than the money pit that is an automobile. My concern today is for the well being of Bert Rodriguez.

Weeping Virgin.



  1. Get well soon bert!!!

  2. no pity for cyclists. none. zero. 00