Thursday, November 27, 2008

Pass Ocean Dr. Collect a Tan

Getting a tan is easy. Finding a place to park in South Beach is not and it's gonna cost. But when you are on Lincoln Road prepare for the season's Kaiju Invasion and check out the Pink Mantango at the Art Center South Florida gallery exhibition during ABMB .

Art Deco Sells

Half the fun in watching the famous Argentine artist Rosario Marquardt unveil her collectible poster for Miami Beach, was listening to mayor Matti Bower host the event with an amusing scripted delivery. The gathered were treated to Bower at her best when she light-heartedly said "parking isn't free on miami beach" and every one chucked. i remember when it was ... and thought, that's not funny.

But the bagels are Free..
All interested parties were in attendance on Ocean Drive and 10 street for the early morning scheduled Miami Beach loves ArtBasel Kick-Off with complimentary muffins and croissants.

Milton-Dradley on Vacation.
They also unveiled a SOBE Monopoly board-game. The nice lady that promotes it for the city did not know that the life-guard stand featured prominently on the weird collage game board was designed by kenny scharf in 1995.

Miami Beach Monopoly Game - 30 bucks!@#$%


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