Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shock n Awe Xmas Sale

No this is not soon to be XVP Cheney in an undisclosed cave in Wyoming.
If you can't resist another visit to Santa's Encrusted Forest, the Space Santa display is an Unbelievably Freaky Original.

Iwo Jimamamia... does it really take five guys to upright a symbol of re-birth?

Jim Carrey was grrrrreat as the grinch that tried to steal christmas.

Here is the rock-bottom truth: fundamentalist fruit-cakes from the the big three (not detroit) abrahamic faiths; islam, christian and jewish, have been spilling blood over this particular rock for centuries.

From the incomparable Incertus comes this irresistably loaded image, brilliant.

In case we are not completly confused and relieved in the mullato millennium, check out the latest fringe group.

From all of us to all y'all, Have a Joyful and Indulging Holiday Season.

Update from the North Pole:
There is a Fire Sale at Gov. Palin's Church in Wazzup, Alaska.
I think I see the likeness of baby jesus in the smoke stains...


  1. I visit and read your website on a daily basis and I have not always agreed with your opinion or choice of topics but today I can truly say that you have crossed the line from funny and opinionated to just disrespectful. No matter what political party you are affiliated with, or your sexual orientation, or maybe your religious beliefs, you should show some class and obstain from making ridiculous comments like the one about Gov. Palin's church burning. Give it a rest and move on to another topic. Maybe you could discuss the miami art scene or maybe miami artists???? Or even better what is Obama going to do in the following four years to clean up this mess.

  2. Flattered by the traffic but gee, did i offend you? The public figures Palin deserves all the attention she continues to get, as does Mr. Sock n Awful. But in the interest of fairness, your comment is appreciated... in a lenny bruce sort of way.

  3. I love the Space Santa display. Freaky!

  4. The issue is not whether you offended me, its just that you are constantly making comments about Palin, "Mr. Sock n Awful", Hussien Obama, or McCain. The election is over, lets discuss something else.... just like you mentioned in another comment, we dealt with Bush for eight years now deal with Obama for the next four. WE GOT IT, YOU SUPPORTED OBAMA AND HE WON!!!! I WANT HIM TO FIX ALL THE PROBLEMS, LETS HOPE TO GOD (YES I SAID GOD) THAT HE CAN WALK THE TALK AND PROVIDE A RESOLUTION DURING OUR NATIONS MOST DARK TIME.

    “The liberals can understand everything but people who don’t understand them.”

    Any art talk today?????
    Recap of the awards by the Knight Foundation? Up and coming contemporary fair in West Palm Beach in January?