Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yard-Sale Post-Op

Dear reader in Montreal commented:

"...Garage sales attract huge crowds and they are everywhere. It is not uncommon to see 20 sales in a street of 30 houses.
In the beginning I use to love Garage sales until I realize they are addictive. Now I rarely buy anything but I like to go see the people."

The First Annual Design District Artist Rummage Bonanza trial balloon was a resounding success, but few pickers showed up. Of the likely explanations, two top the list- the heat and the Herald. Realize that a one inch classified ad in the herald costs about 50 bucks and more so tip off the permit people. Then you'd be 60-70 bucks in the hole before even making a sale. But honestly it is so blinking hot here that folks just scramble for air-conditioned safety. Listing on craig'slist is free but not enough. When posting fliers in public spaces, people look at you like you're spraying graffiti, so plaster at your own risk. Miami is a "post no bill" kinda place. The social dysfunction runs deep. I wish Miamians would take a clue and wake up to the magic of garage sailing as a real down-home engine for the joys of social interaction with the people we share a town with. But the truth here is we are languishing with isolation in a sprawling air-conditioned swampy flat-land.

Teens are big fans of hand-me-downs.

This guy found his dream tropi-robe.


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  1. Dang. If you ever have another event like this, email me and we'll put it in our newspaper.