Saturday, July 19, 2008

summer sizzler swimwear meltdown

swim where?

My dear wife is a hotel concierge. She gets invited to parties all the time, but we often just lay low. So when she decided that it would be fun to go on a date with her work-weary hubby, swampthing showered, shaved and donned some decent threads to please diva... to get out of the house for some amusing distraction and a bit of complimentary SoBe fluffing. Our night began with a swimwear fashion show.

Today in the trendy shops you would be hard pressed to find the latest teeny-weeny-yellow-polkadot bikini bathing suit for less than 500 bucks. So it is not surprising that no expense was spared by the fashion designers and corporate sponsors who participated in the 2008 Swimwear Fashion Week extravaganza.

Hosted by the incomparable Raleigh Hotel, centered around the most beautiful pool in the universe, this event brings to the swamp what we really really want, tent-loads of moneyed mobs that come here to party, the leave. Eager fashionistas, gawking gents and paparazzi press are dazzled by a seemingly endless runway parade of perfectly lanky legged models and trunk-loads of buff beef-cakes, all practically naked and very easy to look at.

It's flatter to the giraffe that the girl models have to look like her.

There isn't just eye candy, the flood-gates of free liquor bars are opened to keep the party fueled. Giant air-conditioned rent-a-tents are appointed with sandy runways and illuminated brightly for the talent to sashay and bedazzle the often jaded or overtly awestruck crowd. Gals watch with the eyes of critical envy while guys just watch with Jackie Gleason eyes.

This is the kind of event that really sets the tone for amorous interludes. When the crowd dwindled the clock struck midnight and it was time for Mitch the bartender to pour a masterful tropical last call. We made a sultry scene at the bar, passed on an in to the penthouse after-party and bolted home. When we got there the anticipation overtook us so we laid on the rusty trampoline on the front yard for some blue moon spooning.

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