Saturday, July 5, 2008

Delusional Deluge: it's raining euphemisms

Always on the lookout for a blue-gold story.... Rebecca Wakefield of the Sun Post has the gist on our local BS situation:

It’s much worse than you think, but that’s not so bad

"... South Florida has major problems with water. We’re a big, swampy, subtropical sandbar, plagued by poor drainage and a shallow water table. We’ve always got either too much or too little water.

...The late, great George Carlin had an observation about how we like to kid ourselves with comforting BS. He talked about how we got from the term “shell shock” to describe what happens to soldiers in combat, to today’s euphemistic “post-traumatic stress disorder.”

This surreal-estate promo photo would have us believe there are no problems.

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