Saturday, July 12, 2008

Trump the Chump

It is such a shame to see what Sunny Isles has become, just another obnoxious condo canyon. Giant towers cast swaths of shadows that stripe the beach like dark clouds that don't go away. Literally thousands of luxury housing units for world-crass investors has done little to benefit the quality of life on the ground. All you see from the street are cars and concrete, no beach in sight.

I have no idea what the architects were thinking when they made this bizarre entrance shaped like ass cleavage topped with a rhinestone tiara, the most inhospitable pile of concrete to date. No amount of sanitized landscaping will help. It has zero swampstyle.

I liked that stretch of beach the way it was before incorporating and selling out to developers. It was a charming and affordable stretch of motels adorned with humorous themes and lot's of fun in the sun. The Sahara pictured above is one of the few still standing reminders of what made sunny isles unique and inviting and hilarious.


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