Friday, July 4, 2008

I Like Ribbons

I like the smell of gun powder as much as the next person, but it appears no one is immune from global warming.

When we in the USA have had our fill of roman candles and ground beef, some aught to gleen the spirit of purpose from this bit of 2oo8 insight for a greener tomorrow.

"... Most of the Gulf city-states are building hallucinatory skylines -- and, among them, Dubai is the unquestionable superstar. In a little more than a decade, it has erected 500 skyscrapers, and currently leases one-quarter of all the high-rise cranes in the world...

....We're talking here of the prospect of creating green and gated oases of permanent affluence on an otherwise stricken planet.

... This super-charged Gulf boom, which celebrity architect Rem Koolhaas claims is "reconfiguring the world," has led Dubai developers to proclaim the advent of a "supreme lifestyle".

...Most of the Third World, however, probably prefers for the First World to acknowledge the environmental mess it has created and take responsibility for cleaning it up. They rightly rail against the notion that the greatest burden of adjustment to the Anthropocene epoch should fall on those who have contributed least to carbon emissions and drawn the slightest benefits from 200 years of industrialization...."

Responsibility for Smog is a growing problem in most big citied including Santiago, Chile.

"... in the current year, the government has declared six
pre environmental-emergencies, a state in which it forbids the circulation of 360 thousand vehicles, stops the operation of over 800 industries, and forbids the use of chimneys in households. But that seems not to be enough..."

Wonder what can we do before things get to this:


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