Monday, July 7, 2008

Movin' On Up, to the Eastside...

...We finally got a piece of the Swamp!.

Adorning a public commons in Little Haiti is an impressive and amusing bronze statue of the heroic yet diminutive Toussaint Louverture.

Toussaint Louverture played a key role in what was the first successful attempt by a subject slave population to throw off the yoke of Western colonialism. He defeated armies of three imperial powers: Spain, France, and Great Britain. The success of the Haitian Revolution had enduring effects on the institution of slavery throughout the New World. Haiti became the second independent republic in the Western Hemisphere. After being captured by the French general Leclerc, on the ship to France, Toussaint Louverture warned his captors that the rebels would not make his mistake in the following words:" [B]y overthrowing me you have killed only the trunk of the tree of liberty of the black people, it will grow back by the roots cause they are deep and numerous."

Today motorists careen along 79 street past a changing landscape.
In shades of greige and a disneyesque style, new construction towers for housing are dwarfing the old neighborhood charm. For better or worse miami is in a state of flux but the bucks have all but evaporated.

Construction cranes tower over dilapidated 'old miami'.

School of Michael Graves Art-itecture.
Only thing missing is styrofoam dolphins on roof.

The finished product.

What good is a new neighborhood without another ginormous Microwave Tower to fry young and old minds .

I totally enjoy images of the creative forces at play here.


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  1. Living in this nabe for the last five years has been an experience-great photos. Of course you realize that this is affordable housing? At least it's being built. But you are right-the colors are kind of fast food-ish. Do you see it as an improvement over the strip club architecture at least?