Saturday, July 12, 2008

the Thrill of Brill

My dear lady, Dianne Brill is featured in Paper Magazine's blog. She's always had the best of May West, with the smile to launch a battleship.

She was the It girl to end all It girls -- save for Madonna -- during the 80s. She was what people called "the babe who's everywhere"

Diane lashes out with an arsenal that is top secret and for sale. It is the American currency of mythic beautification that does not depreciate. It knocks men right out of their pant and leaves the boots on. To the girls of the world, it's the power of the feline hybrid. Brill could be our secret weapon in the coming global battle of the westernized beauties. One Brill is worth a thousand faces.

If anyone can save these dames, it's Diane Brill.


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