Sunday, July 20, 2008

Red to Blue to Orange

Intimately clowning... candid moment of Ileana and Jebi about to work the crowd.

Concerned locals have been attending various meet-n-munchies with Annette Taddeo. We had a decent exchange of comments, at the home of Hal and Val. Mrs. Taddeo spoke of her desire to work for the common folk on issues like health care for all children. As a business leader she is positioned to affect needed change. With a healthy appetite for honesty and fairness, she is a contender for a position of public service with tremendous influence that has been in the clutches of the BFEE for forty years.

So it is with little reservation that swampstyle asks you to support her candidacy for the 18th congressional district to unseat long seated incumbent Ileana Ros Lehtinen.

Time is ripe to mothball the moldy fear-mongers who take delight in what is happening here.

double N, double T, double D ....... She is our interim player.

Ileana and Laura chatting with the Dalai Lama... maybe about red to blue to orange.


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