Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Julio Quatro

With each observance of the Fourth of July , we echo historical myths in hollow scripted narratives. With each war for independence, truth becomes more obfuscated while folks get a little less agreeable.

One fine example of such fiasco is our nation's first war for some other's independence, the Spanish/American War of 1898. Free of British rule, America was no more than 100 years old when we decided it was time join the league of empires. Our navy was not so much strong as the Spanish were vulnerable to a hostile smack-down. A quick read of that conflict makes it clear that given dilutions of manifest destiny fueled by yellow journalism and the trigger of a false-flag, the conquest grab for foreign riches was totally do-able. The war netted the young U.S.A a treasure of territories: Caribbean's Cuba and Puerto Rico plus jewels of the pacific Philippines, Guam and Hawaii. Not bad for a new player in the imperial game of nation building. That war lasted a poultry 10 months compared to todays "endless" war.

While the "adults" take care of war business, we become ever more dependent on the spoils, complicit in the crimes and complacent with the abdication of humaneness. We cross our hearts and hope to not die.

Enough of ancient history. It's the Fourth 2011 and that means a round of imaginary golf for the victors and war profiteers...

Today, America's might is Ready to GO ! anywhere anytime in grand style of shock and awe, we are the world's cadillac of military power.

Our military budgetary be so bloated that even our civilian economic lips suckle super-glued to the goliath of war industry.

Shame that our national psyche is so very red, white and bruised from 200+ years calloused senseless wars.

The numbers of war are always mind-numbing....
save the 4th, forever Ours with sparklers and rockets.


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