Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chicken Little

The 14 karat gold plated corporate media has decided we can not get enough of the economic pornography they have packaged so irresistibly for general consumption.

Propaganda mogul sports common man look. Literally millions of viewers weened on cable news can't seem to decide which story is most disturbingly stupid; the Debt Ceiling question looming overhead or Rupert Murdock loosing his grip as a media empire crumbles to the ground.

A clever expression of modern sensual British banality by wonder-guy Ron English.

Where is Waldo ! and where is our Dubya, the decider of war and debt. Where are those who got us into this trillion dollar mess. Bush is toast, Pelosi is out to pasture, and Boehner is hanging on by his lavender ascot. Notice the listless hands barely raised as if to suggest a hidden grudging contempt.

Take the millions and run. Clever graffiti focuses on the monopoly of insecurity as the wealthy and affluent scramble for cover from the guarantee of uncertainty that disaster capitalism delivers in the age of global shock doctrine.

Success is not an option. Republican Speaker is just talk as the Bonernator and the rest of his obstructionist party give us the finger.

Eighteen holes and a bottle of bubbly. Civility and refinement are at the core of the camaraderie among the elite political and media class. No matter their price of 'freedom', the multitude of manipulable folk will pay in blood and treasure.

While the militarization of the world mounts...

... the supple hands of the business class begrudgingly prepare for the worst.


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