Sunday, July 17, 2011

Swampy? Not.

With the second tropical depression of the storm season garnering local attention, there is another storm looming that aught to set off alarms in the swamp, but few seem to bother or make needed preparation.

Today, people have grown accustomed to endless war and that very consequential mindset translates from the most profound to the most mundane.

Our love/hate relationship with automobiles and roads makes for a constant state turmoil. We vacillate from lust for luxury to road-rage wrecks. We are so dependent on this mode of mobility that it would be easier to kick a heroin habit than it is to withdraw from driving.

On the lighter side, one has to laugh at the ever increasing traffic calming devices that seem to pop up overnight. The baffling bump-outs, curious curbs and senseless sidewalk alterations are the gift of a confederacy of dunces at FDOT.

No shit Sherlock, which way do we go.

OK whatever. No one pays too much attention to these things, until you slam your wheels up on them. No one seems care one way or the other and that is why these stupid things are multiplying faster than parking meters.

On the serious side, another two red-light cameras are installed at locations near you. In time every intersection that promises the most return of revenue for those who benefit from legalized extortion will be outfitted with these scameras. Drive and Text all you want for now, just don't make rolling rights on red.


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