Monday, June 27, 2011

Chief of Stuff

In a surprise announcement, the white house has released a summary of Alonso Morning's daily presidential brief for June 26 in the continuing celebratory spirit following NY state's approval of same sex marriage that caused the swell and a raucous at the annual gay pride parade.

The good news from NY caused tremors of excitement in the oval office also as seen here in this official photo of the president with his long-time 'Personal Aid', Reggie Love. Rahm Emmanuel took the midnight express from Chicago to join in the inner circle of congratulatory knuckling and high fives.

For Love, the blessing of NY governor Cuomo is a bitter sweet personal victory, a slam-dunk in the end-zone for a guy who has risen to the top yet secretly yearning for the one thing that will validate his respect and unyielding devotion to BFF Barack.

Obama and Love depart for unscheduled trip to NYC, perhaps to participate in Sunday's parade.

NYC is their favorite place to shoot the hoops and horse around w the guys.

Whether in Washington DC or in Washington Heights, the brotherly buddies are often seen together enjoying the company of each other.

Reggie is Loved by those he touches. But no one knows the power of his charm better than our commander in chief who sometimes needs a firm hand to comfort him in these troubling times of persecution and intolerance.

Leon Panetta sent a personal message to the happy couple and made a public statement to the effect that perhaps it is not too late for him and Colon to ride of into the sunset.

It is a glorious day indeed for New Yorkers, rainbow people everywhere and the memory of Harvey Milk. It is not the Onion that makes for tears, it is the victory of a long fought battle for secular equality in the eyes of the law.


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