Thursday, July 28, 2011

Snapshots n Broomsticks

Social anthropology is best expressed in journalese. A cardboard and spit model by Hirschhorn casually captures the compartmentalized cubical mindset of our time in the information swamp.

Our national pastime of brutality and teamwork is no stranger to South Florida. A solitary American Modern cast concrete sculpture guards a playing field at a local public school near Kendall.

Winning Wynwood. Another excellent street art mural (formerly known as graffiti) adorns an otherwise blighted wall. Go Heat! is an ironic mantra for summer in the swamp.

Elevator Going Sideways. Lovable droid Dr. Milagros Bello is looking for curators to embellish another polished arts institution dedicated to contemporary art. Whatever that is.

Yes ! In Their Front Yard. A very swampy display of bronzed individuality on a private residence in North Beach. Kinda Dali meets Harry Potter.

Arrested Development. An unfinished condominium tower construction stands empty 3 years and counting, most likely from bankruptcy.

Shade is for Quitters. A newly installed retro design shelter-free bus bench sits blasted by August microwaves in Bal Harbor. The new 2 seater replaced a common urban rider-friendly s bench and shade structure but alas that modern design proved fatal. The town's persistent quest for street beautification has become a cycle of tax n spend. For what?

Good Day of Fishing. 8:00 AM The boys and their toys set up to for the daily entrapment of unsuspecting, though certainly neurotic, motorists on Sunny Isles. At $250. bucks per sucker, their quota is complete by 10 AM, just in time to load up at the donut shop, lay low till 3:00PM when the extortion racket begins anew.

Potential Pedal Power. A rack of pricy euro generic gps bikes sit idle on South Beach, rusting faster than you can say Critical Mass.

SOBE is truly underwater. Yet it is a comfort for old-timers to see the Off-season return to what it was before the boom, a place for locals. For tourists who come here in the middle of summer there are places like Prime One or Delano for them to crowd together get fleeced and pretend resort-town is hoppin' hip worth it.

The naked truth is, Miami the city has grown exponentially flat yet the beaches remain indisputably the best thing about the swamp.


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