Monday, July 11, 2011

dull as a drone

Someday things will not what they used to be. Buildings will be made of composites and styrofoam and our food as well will be mostly composites and styrofoam with a bit of flavor...

The trees of the forest will be made of recycled newspaper ...

... and Murdoch the magnificent will still be assplainin' to his dumpling missis what happened to his media empire.

No matter, with key players like big media, secret government and war profiteers, the chess game played on our world stage is already a cat and mouse game as the banner of belligerence flies high in the sky.

Simulation Situation.
The faces in the war room on the eve of binLaden's fateful final curtain call tell a tale of shocked executives void of serendipity over the clandestine calculating dominating dreams of the secret establishment.

Personal Pet Drone.
Fresh on the heels of a looming technological singularity, the advent of unmanned war is a logical next game-changer our congress is considering... can they not call it WAR if there are no boots on the ground just swarms of innocuous obnoxious drones in the sky?

For the sordid details of what we can expect more of from the war machine:

Rarely do wonder weapons or wonder technologies disappoint enough to disappear. And those latest wonders, missile- and bomb-armed drones, are now multiplying like so many electronic rabbits.

Minsk, Belarus. Where the glorification of gore-lust is unvarnished.


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