Monday, July 11, 2011

Tropical Antifreeze

Opa-Locka Runway
Looming storms aside, the business of the establishment presses on into summer... until August vacation time when employed people arrange for some distance from the permanent nausea of modern life madness. Some will come to South Florida to recharge their batteries.

Paving the winding Indian Creek approach to SoBe.
Beneath the shimmering ebony pavement lies a boiling swampy core of substrate moon-rock and primordial sludge. Asphalt and concrete can only stay off natural form temporarily.

A mature Gardenia bush blooms in Surfside.
Given the opportunity and the trigger of abundant sun light, the swamp quickly demonstrates the result of its nutritious slurry base with displays of diversity that defy limits of sensuality.

Ficus, the leaf-maker. A privacy hedge towers on LaGorce Island.

De La Cruz Radio

Sculptor Nicholas Lobo prepares to broadcast radio signal transmission using a 64 foot vessel filled with... something very swampy at the De La Cruz Collection in the Design District.

Sushi Roll and the Drum Roll please.
It's perfectly swampy for people to stay home and entertain old and new friends with homemade beats and treats. Such is the quiet social network not virtual.

Southern Comfort, a clever message on a storefront in North Miami.


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