Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Exhale an O'Hallelujah

It's morning in America.
After eight hellish years, the majority of the American People have voted the crazies out of the white house. The republicans lost big-time. To borrow their own words from '04, "We won, you lost, get over it." But somehow that's not enough for those of us who have been screaming bloody murder since 2000..... and have finally been proven wise all along.

A heartfelt debt of genuine gratitude goes out to the hardworking progressive community of internet bloggers, investigating journalists, gov watch-dogs, volunteers, and old hippies. All have contributed immeasurably to my education and subsequent divine madness. I pledge to continue the hard work of digging for truth and reporting on it here.

I would like to also thank all those on the right for their unintended contribution in making our O-victory a certainty. Many a bitter thank you's to: the apologetic FauxNews cheerleaders, conservative talk radio, religious fundy fruitcakes, all manner of racists, bigots, ignoramus ditto-heads, predatory capitalists, and democrats for mccain. Thanks but no thanks to all the folks who were dead wrong about the colossal train-wreck that was the Cheney/Bush juggernaut. The list is too long and the players not worth naming. But lastly, a cold and lonely thank you to Sarah 'Paleface' Palin and Joe 'Septic' Plummer. Now here is where my contempt for our misguided brethren ends.

The voting machines actually worked ( for us ) this time.

It's time to christen the Good Ship Obama/Biden.
It's time to usher in a new era of personal responsibility and restore our place in the world community of nations.

It is time to bring our military home, end the occupation of Iraq.
It's time to praise the Lawd and pass the peace pipe.



  1. I do feel redeemed. It was almost worth losing the last 2 elections, though I thought I might lose it 4 years ago, and 8 years ago, I didn't sleep for a week, in horrible awe that they were stealing the election.

    But you know, Gore grew out a beard and won a fucking Nobel Peace Prize, and instead of the same old white dudes, we have a real live minority, a great person, as our president. I am so proud to be a diehard liberal, a no-deodorant-wearing hippy, pink leaning, American. Horrah!

  2. A country controlled by Obama the mystery man, Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, John Murtha, etc! Good luck least I'll have the chance to buy DOW 3500!

  3. anonymouse,
    Muchas gracias for the mention of seven great americans, particularly murtha. We also appreciate your thoughts on the BFEE final caper aka wall st bailout. Guess you missed that gravy-train. Get a moniker looser.

  4. Poor Swampmeddler.....learn a little about markets first before asking for the handouts. Markets climb walls of worry on a slow and steady basis and suck in the uninformed. Like a subprime house for anyone that breathes and screws. But they drop like a stone! I've never made money buying a stock, thats a fools game. Been short since Dow 12000 Commrade Swampster...a nice fast ride down thank you very much! Gravy train indeed.

    BTW, I agree that GWB was an abomination on the country, the absolute worst president this country every had. I just don't subscribe to your brand of thought control.

    Anonymously yours