Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Fundamentals of the Economy are Wrong

The Highway traffic was all backed up so I decided to take a familiar local route to document the architecture along 27th Avenue in NW Miami.

Catch 27 - comply with the Sign Ordinance?
The facade of this building improved emotionally with a simple mural.

On the way to the other side. A short ride from the Design District. A stark reminder of the bleak economic forecast.

Habitat for Humility.
Entire housing projects lay bare, like an elephant graveyard of broken homes.

Romance with Erosion. Best Bus Stop design Ever. Graded A for style F for shelter.
Empty everything dots the cityscape but i will not show you the many pictures of abandoned buildings, closed business or automotive shops.

Tucker's Revenge 130 st. across from MDCC
There is hope that the fundamentals of the economy are strong. There is ample example of the patience and perseverance on the part of locals to make lemonade from lemons.

Have faith in the power of design to convert. This church stood out not only because it's so disney-esque but because it is surrounded by decrepit trailer-parks and factories.

Old fashioned gas station gone purple. Business is slow.

A man's maison is his temple. Basically a box with an IN door, an OUT door and a nice shiny doo-hickey.

Super-structure Rising and Rumbling.
This is the underside of the Metro that takes passengers somewhere but goes nowhere.
It is a heavy thing that dominates the street level environment. Makes for some good shade from the sweltering sun.

What tour along North West 27th Avenue would be complete without a stop at the legendary Douglas Gardens Thrift Shop, a picker's paradise.

More purple buildings. Uniforms and beauty products, whatever sells well.

Best Bike Shop in Miami. Victors on 27th Ave. and 34 St.
Tell them Swampthing sent you.



  1. looks like you took a trip along nw 46 st before starting your nw 27 av adventure.

  2. joel, you know the town n how to get around . don't mean to wear a frown but sometimes miami is like a twilight zone.