Monday, November 10, 2008

Sweet Basil's BigTop Bonanza

Tents-R-Us. Mid-Town east of I-95 , 8 feet above sea level.

The Art Circus is Coming to the Latin Manhattan.
The art industry is an economic engine, a Rolls Royce diesel power-house.

Notice the myriad of temporary structures being erected on empty lots from downtown to the Design District, from Coral Gables to South Beach. BTW, when is hurricane season over? Who cares, it's time for the eighth annual 'art n shock n awe' !! Come out and take in the Painting, Sculpture, Video, Design, Performance, and a Museum-load of Partying. The anticipation is contagious.

Tis' the Season of the Artzi Fartzy Folk. ArtBaselMiamiBeach is poised to attract the curious senses, a multitude of casual observers and 500 private jet-setting eye-balls. The art world, as with the science community, consists of a diverse melange of fascinating characters immersed in the creative process of elimination and aquisition. That we are not all are predictable makes for a worthwhile junket into the cerebral realm of the visually engaged.

With the years the ABMB, the whole ball of wax, has gained tremendous nuanced momentum but somehow it is diminished with predictability. Like a perennial itch, there is a buzz in the swamp that beacons the bohemian spirit with the eye-candy.

The Swiss Basel captain would never let this happen to their containers.

ABMB is to art fairs what Godzilla is to Kaiju.

As with any good genre, Japanese monster movies are distinct and cliche yet varied, distracting, amusing and unnerving enough to relax us then engage the minds of the spectators. Art fairs are also distracting, amusing and unnerving. And like any good story, it has a beginning, middle and end.

Arguably all the other fairs annually world-wide are relevant and substantial in an old-world kinda way but Basil in Miami is down-right Tropi-Radioactive.

Re-Designed District.
The RNC venue was smaller than this crystal draped BigTop behemoth.
This will be the epicenter for Designistas and all things designy with wall to wall Fabuloucity.

The appreciation of finer things has always been with us. The search is an epic journey; even today with frequent-flier miles. It is where we draw delight and lust. The art market trades in something founded on our vices, one result of leisure time after we got beyond survival.
The iconic voyage is unchanged as collectors and curios once again venture to Miami in search of the thing that is most prized, though the gem may prove illusive, the artventurer will depart with stories of far swampier places, people and things.

The highest prized slaves.


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