Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Bordello Bodega

The Bordello Bodega

Celebrating 25 years in the Design District, Miami artist Oliver Sanchez will open his studio featuring the Bordello Bodega during the Design Miami and ArtBaselMiamiBeach events.

The BORDELLO BODEGA is a neighborhood convenience store with a hospitality club theme laced with a unique Latin Manhattan flavor. A ridiculous manifestation that attempts to convey the notion that what propels human endeavor is an unchanging burning desire for fundamental earthly pleasures.

Since the dawn of human history, the urge to venture beyond the familiar has lead to new frontiers and expanded our common understanding of the world we inhabit. Whether nomadic wanderers or sea-faring conquerors; the sights of those dauntless few that heeded the call were set on discovering new places and people to interact with. As illusive and isolated points of destination were uncovered, tall tales and trade routes soon connected them intensifying the allure of untold exotic riches. In time, port-towns and out-posts became magnets for the intrepid. The spoils for the inquisitive voyagers were invariably the same then as they are today; more particularly GIRLS, GROG and GAIETY.

We humans are not made for work, but we will work very hard for that immeasurable reward at the end of the rainbow. The power process is a first-hand experience; the art of the hunt is more fulfilling than a job so if you want a rainbow, you have to put up with the rain. The Bordello Bodega is a glimpse into modern tropical Bohemia. It is another spark of the age-old beacon of passions.

The proceeds from the Bordello Bodega will be donated to the neighborhood Design and Architecture Senior High School.


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