Thursday, November 13, 2008


Cluster-Flux at the introspection of People and Machine.

Our expressways, motorists, cranes and rubber-neckers co-exist in an ever-flowing stream of traffic in the urban landscape of concrete and palmtrees. It is the necessary dance that makes us mobile in a society that demands conformity and order. But the work-order of the day is perpetual road-improvement hazard plagued with congestion and delays that can be explained in two words; TransitMiami.

Julia Tuttle westbound 7:00 am. Slow down, save gas.

Practically every morning, noon and night folks of all persuasions share the egalitarian roads with the notion that traffic invariably yucks. How often do we lumber to a halt along the Teflon highways with silent indignation. How would you like a lane all to yourself?

Southbound morning I-95. The CarDragon from DWNTWN to the GoldenGlades.

Now "to get from here to there" will be a breeze once the "lexus lanes" are completed and open for business. But you will need a "Some-Pass" and HOV's will need to register. It's going to cost and we wont know how much. Peoples concern is that they can't wait for the progress to end.


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