Saturday, August 16, 2008

Stun Fun with Reddy Kilowatt

Bear with me here because it pains me to post about the growing problem with authoritarians, the casual use of force to restrain and simply up the fear factor.

``In a civilized society, abuse by those who are given great authority cannot be tolerated,'' Nevils said in a statement.

I guess we are not that civilized.

This guy got lucky cause his kid was in the car, no taser just double cuffs.
Magic City Mania Blog has the complete story.

"... After arresting Scott Conover for “unlawful photography” in Mountain City, Tennessee last June, Johnson County Sheriff’s Deputy Starling McCloud threatened to arrest Conover’s 12-year-old daughter with the same charge after she snapped two photos of her father getting handcuffed."

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I pity the fool who didn't see this coming.

"This is an excellent idea. But I don't see why it should be confined to teenagers. Why not elementary school kids? They don't get in line fast enough? Zap 'em. Act up during nap time? Give 'em a jolt. They'll soon learn not to defy the authorities. teach 'em while they're young. Once they've been "accepted and legitimized" there's no reason they shouldn't be used to train kids to behave. After all, they're benign, harmless and entirely safe, so why would anyone object?

These school police have never had to use deadly force, by the way. Only one of them carries a gun. So, the usual excuse is not in play here. Clearly, they are going to use them on the students."

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Tasers are the super-duper cattle-prods of today.

"... It's telling that last week's mass immigration raid in Iowa, during which immigrant workers were rounded up and treated like cattle, was heralded by the whupping of federal helicopters hovering over the town and its meat-processing plant.

While the arrested workers, particularly those who used fake IDs (which is nearly all of them) are looking forward to prison time and then deportation, the plant's politically connected owners and managers are evidently facing no charges at all. But for ordinary folks in Postville, it isn't just illegal immigrants who are feeling the weight of this kind of law enforcement -- it has terrorized legal immigrants and longtime residents alike. And maybe that's the point..."

Double ouchy, it hurts just reading this stuff.

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - A former police officer accused of repeatedly jolting a handcuffed man with a Taser before he died was indicted on a manslaughter charge Wednesday by a grand jury in central Louisiana.

Pikes was shocked nine times with a 50,000-volt Taser as he was arrested on a drug possession warrant in January, authorities said. Winn Parish District Attorney Chris Nevils said Nugent broke the law when he ``unnecessarily'' used the Taser on Pikes multiple times and failed to get him medical attention ``when it was apparent he needed it.''

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I know that's a weird surname, but Mr. Ng is just like you and me.

He was 17 when he came to New York from Hong Kong in 1992 with his parents and younger sister, eyeing the skyline like any newcomer. Fifteen years later, Hiu Lui Ng was a New Yorker: a computer engineer with a job in the Empire State Building, a house in Queens, a wife who is a United States citizen and two American-born sons.

But when Mr. Ng, who had overstayed a visa years earlier, went to immigration headquarters in Manhattan last summer for his final interview for a green card, he was swept into immigration detention and shuttled through jails and detention centers in three New England states.


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